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12th March- The Hindu Editorial - Part-2 (in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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  2. A case for aggressive diplomacy Indian state responses cannot be reactive to the agenda of terrorist groups. UBHODESP

  3. Pakistan and India are strange nations. Just as the conflict after India's bombing of the Balakot terror camp was winding down, Pakistan alleged on March 5 that it had thwarted the entry of an Indian submarine into its waters. India responded that Pakistan was indulging in false propaganda. On the same evening, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry issued a statement that its High Commissioner to India, Sohail Mahmood, would be returning to Delhi and talks with India on the Kartarpur Corridor would go ahead. It was a signal that tensions were officially being defused India confirmed the talks on Kartarpur and also sent back Indian High Commissioner Ajay Bisaria to Islamabad. UBHODESP

  4. The morning and evening's events of March 5 could cause genuine confusion among the public. But it appears as though Pakistan, through its morning assertion, was playing to its domestic audience, while its evening statement was a signal to the international community that it had no further desire to climb the escalation ladder with India. Winding down tensions Trump clear indication of the involvement of major powers in defusing tensions between India and Pakistan. Apart from the Americans, the Chinese and Saudis also seem smack in the middle of the India-Pakistan equation UBHODESP

  5. If the Indian intention post-Pulwama was to isolate Pakistan, that doesn't seem to have happened For the two governments, given that the score was level one had shot down a F-16 and the other had shot down an MiG-21 -they could now respond positively to global concerns. As for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 'Operation Balakot' had given him ammunition to use in his election rallies. he Modi government's decision to go ahead with the Kartarpur talks days after tensions were at the peak, and after withdrawing the Most Favoured Nation status to Pakistan, is bizarre, but it serves two purposes UBHODESP

  6. One, it is an effort to win votes in the Punjab. Two, it shows India as being reasonable before the international community There's also little doubt that India and Pakistan narrowly escaped a full- fledged conflict, the extent of which can never reallybe predicted amid social media propaganda, fake videos, domestic pressures and ugly jingoism on both sides. Episodes - Kargil incursion months after Pakistan went publicly nuclear in response to the Indian nuclear tests of May 11 and 13, 1998. UBHODESP

  7. Pakistan's conduct during Kargil exposed the state as irresponsible and led to numerous international calls for respecting the LoC. During the Kargil conflict, Pakistan's then Foreign Secretary Shamshad Ahmed and Minister Raja Zafar-ul-Haq made it clear that its nuclear weapons were not for show, but for use. During the Kargil war in 1999, after the Parliament attack in 2001, and post the Mumbai attack in 2008, two Prime Ministers of India had the option of retaliation, but they did not exercise it. Instead, India's patience projected the responsible nature of the state, which was in stark opposition to Pakistan's tattered credibility. UBHODESP

  8. The End! UBHODESP