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27th March- The Hindu Editorial - Part-2 (in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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  2. A bridge to nowhere 500 Poor people are running from pillarto post as the Aadhaar payment bridge routinely obstructs their welfare benefits UBHODESP

  3. Perhaps you will remember "l'affaire Airtel"-the mass diversion of LPG subsidies to Airtel wallets that came to light in 2017. Many of the wallets were unwanted, or even unknown to the recipients. Those affected, fortunately, included millions of middle-class Airtel customers who protested when the goof-up emerged. The subsidy money was returned, Airtel was fined by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), and the world moved on. airtel UBHODESP

  4. Induction of a bank account into APBS- based on informed consent. In cases of multiple accounts for the same person, the APBS automatically sends money to the latest-mapped account. Haphazard seeding continued well beyond 2014 because the government wanted to bring all direct benefit transfer (DBT) payments pensions, scholarships, subsidies, MGNREGA wages, and so on under the Aadhaar payments umbrella. Groundwork required for APBS to work reliable seeding of bank accounts with Aadhaar - had simply not been done UBHODEE

  5. To enforce e-KYC, many banks used the "ultimatum method": a deadline was set, and people's accounts were blocked when they missed the deadline. Compulsorye-KYC became a nightmare for poor people, for a number of reasons: some did not know what they were supposed to do, others had problems of biometric authentication, others still struggled with inconsistencies between the Aadhaar database and the bank database. Among the worst victims were old-age pensioners. To this day, in Jharkhand, many pensioners are struggling to understand why their pension was discontinued after e-KYC was made compulsory. UBHODESP

  6. APBS was forced on millions without consent. based on an explicit request from the customer. This gives a measure of protection to educated middle-class customers. Mapping, according to NCPI and UIDAI guidelines, should be Result of this premature and coercive imposition of the APBS is that diverted payments have become a serious problem in Jharkhand. ABPS is a very opaque payment system When people have problems of diverted or rejected payments, they have no recourse. More often than not, they are sent from one office to another. UBHODESP

  7. The RBl may be the nominal regulator, but the real action is at the NPCI, the UIDAl and other strongholds of the Aadhaar lobby. An independent and participatory review of the system is long overdue. UBHODESP

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