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14th March- The Hindu Editorial - Part-1 (in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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happy teachers day roman sir.
Many of the educators from unacademy are using telegram channel for ex. jatin verma using his facebook and telegram channel and many more, what we are looking for main prelimn thing that can help us a lot this time...
no sir you can share with us because many educator on unacademy share their Facebook group and telegram you can also share..

  2. Heavy-handed order India: The Judiciary LA The contempt law must not be used, or seen to be used, to stifle dissenting views. UBHODESP

  3. The Meghalaya High Court's order finding the Editor and Publisher of Shillong Times guilty of contempt, and asking them to "sit in a corner" till the rising of the court and imposing a fine of 2 lakh each, is a heavy handed response to comments in the newspaper on the court's earlier orders. What makes the order even more unfortunate is the explicitthreat to ban the newspaper and jail them if they fail to pay the fine. While courts are indeed empowered to decide whether a publication Scandalised or tended to scandalise the judiciary or interfered with the administration of justice, there is no legal provision for an outright ban on it. The origin of these contempt proceedings appears to be the State government's unilateral decision to withdraw certain facilities to retired judges without consulting the court administration. UBHODESP

  4. After the matter was not resolved on the administrative side for two months, the court initiated suo motu proceedings and issued some directions. It was because of a news item, accompanied bya commentary on the court's directions, that the contemnors had incurred the court's displeasure. The offending comments appeared to imply that the directions regarding extending facilities, including protocol services and domestic help, and reimbursing communication bills up to 10,000 a month and a mobile phone worth R80,000, to retired judges amounted to "judges judging for themselves". UBHODESP

  5. In 1999, the Supreme Court had brushed aside some adverse remarks by activists by saying, "the court's shoulders are broad enough to shrug off their comments." The verdict puts a question mark over the decision-making process. While there may be a need to curb tendentious criticism of the judiciary the contempt law sparingly, and avoid the impression that it is being used to stifle free speech or dissent. UBHODESP

  6. In slow mode Manufacturing, inflation data give monetary policy makers room for an interest rate cut. UBHODEE

  7. Manufacturing activity in the country continues to remain becalmed latest Index of Industrial Production data loss of momentum- many sectors industrial output growth slumped to 1.7%, from 2.6% in December, and 7.5% a year earlier manufacturing sector shrank key job-creating industries, including textiles, leather and related products, pharmaceuticals, rubber and plastic products, and motor vehicles, reported contractions UBHODESP

  8. Also, spending on consumption of non-essentials need of time. Persistent deflationary trend -need to be arrested. Vegetables, fruits and pulses and products all posted negative rates of inflation from a year earlier, of-7.69%,-4.62% and 3.82% respectively While urban consumers may cheer the increased affordability of vegetables and fruits, rural demand for manufactured goods will remain depressed unless there is a meaningful turnaround in the farm sector's economic fortunes. UBHODESP

  9. Looking ahead, with Saudi Arabia committed to deepening its production cuts in order to keep crude oil prices well-supported, it appears unlikely that India's fuel and energy costs will stay soft for much longer. And with political parties sure to open the spending spigot in a bid to woo voters, inflationary impulses will quicken For now, though, with growth slowing and inflation still comfortably within the Reserve Bank's 2%-6% target range, monetary policy makers would feel justified in pressing ahead with one more interest rate cut at their meeting next month. UBHODESP

  10. The End! UBHODESP