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12th March- The Hindu Editorial - Part-1 (in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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Unacademy user
sir question read krti bar line miss ho jati hhh...................... but Sometime why it happen sir kabhi apke sath bhi hua
Mohit kumar
a year ago
bro improve reading skills
Parsuram Naik
5 months ago
computer me practice karte time , ek finger LCD k screen me rakho, aise line miss nahi hogi. try it


  3. A promise to live by Akali Dal J. . . OK SATTA All political parties must be mindful of the core values that invigorate Indian democracy. UBHODESP

  4. Avoiding a slowdown Central banks are reversing the direction of their pocies in a seemingly coordinated bid. UBHODESP

  5. Over the last few days, U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has been trying to allay fears that it will continue to raise interest rates notwithstanding conditions in the economy. Despite slowing economy and inflation staying well below its official target of 2% American economy created a mere 20,000 jobs in February GDP growth in the coming quarters is expected to slow considerably Fed does "not feel any hurry" to raise rates further UBHODESP

  6. A compromise is still possible But there is need for clarity on the status of one mediator and the efficacy of mediation on Ayodhya UBHODESP

  7. Let them take flight It is not late to declare the Tejas and Kaveri projects as 'national missions UBHODESP

  8. At the Aero-India 2019 airshow and aviation exhibition, held in Bengaluru last month, there were two developments of significance, for India's national security. The Indian Air Force and the aviation community heaved a collective sigh of relief after the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas Mark 1, received its long-awaited Final Operational Clearance; This means it is combat-ready and can be exploited to the limits of its approved 'envelope' UBHODESP

  9. However, a day later, came a rather unwelcome report: a Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) announcement at the show of its decision to shelve the Kaveri turbo-iet engine project. Political myopia Historically, all major aerospace powers have possessed the capability to design airframes as well as power-plants. UBHODESP

  10. Until India can design and produce its own aero-engines, the performance and capabilities of any indigenously designed/built aircraft will be seriously limited by the technology that we are permitted to import. India has already had two bitter experiences in this regard. The Hindustan Aeronautics Limited's sleek and elegant HF-24 Marut fighter, of the 1960s and 1970s, failed to achieve its huge potentialas a supersonicfighter for want of a suitable engine. Rather than exert itself to seek alternatives, the government of the day, with stunning myopia, closed the programme. UBHODESP

  11. Similarly, many of the problems the Tejas faced emanate from lack of engine thrust. U.S.-made alternatives such as the General Electric F-404 engine, or even the more powerful F-414, do not deliver adequate thrust for the Tejas Mk 1, to meet all its missions. For the Tejas Mk IA, Mk II, the LCA Navy, and other aircraft programmes such as the Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft, India will need turbo-iet engines of even greater thrust. Thus, it is vital for India to develop a family of homegrown jet engines to power indigenous combat aircraft as well as re-engine imported ones. UBHODESP

  12. Now, HAL "manufacturing" process involves- merely the assembly of imported components, several engine divisions of the HAL have failed to imbibe aspects of design, metallurgy, thermodynamic and aerodynamic engineering as well as the complex tooling and machining process required for the design and manufacture of aero-engines, over the past 60 years a sad commentary. In 1986, the DRDO's decades-old Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE) was tasked with developing an indigenous power plant for the LCA 2004 it had flown on a Russian flying test-bed; albeit unsuccessfully. Since then, the Kaveri has made sporadic progress UBHODESP

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