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How to Prepare for GATE 2024 – GATE Preparation

Table of Contents:

  1. GATE Exam Preparation Tips
  2. How to prepare for GATE 2024 – Watch Video
  3. GATE General Aptitude Prep Tips
  4. GATE Engineering Mathematics Prep Tips
  5. GATE Last-Minute Preparation Tips
  6. GATE Preparation Tips for Numerical Ability Section
  7. GATE Preparation Tips for Verbal Ability
  8. GATE Preparation Tricks
  9. GATE Syllabus
  10. GATE Preparation Books
  11. Previous Year Question Papers for GATE Preparation
  12. GATE Exam Question Papers Subject-wise
  13. FAQs

GATE Exam Preparation Tips 

If you are going to take the GATE examination and aspire to crack the exam with flying colours you must prepare for the test in a well-planned and systematic way. The first step towards realising your dream is to –

  • Check the GATE syllabus thoroughly 

This will help you in realising the areas you can easily tackle and the areas where you will have to give time and focus more.

  • Get familiar with the examination pattern

This is important because it will help you in preparation and also while answering the paper. 

  • Make a well-planned and feasible study schedule (timetable)

A well-planned schedule will help you in completing the syllabus in time and also leave you enough time for revision.

  • Begin your preparation early

It is advisable to begin preparation early because it requires long-drawn and consistent preparation. You will also be able to avail of enough time to revise after the preparation.

  • Get hold of the study material

Purchase the relevant books. Let your mentors guide you on this point.

  • Solve the previous years’ question papers

Solving the previous years’ question papers will help you become familiar with the question paper pattern, and the difficulty level of the paper.

  • Take mock tests

Taking mock tests will improve your time management skills. This will make you more proficient and confident.

  • Time management

Time management has an important role in any competitive examination. You must learn to manage time in order to complete the paper accurately within the stipulated time.

  • Revision

After completing the syllabus, you should start the revision. This will keep you in touch with the course and continuous practice will help you perform better.

You must realise that hard work and dedication always pay. So, prepare diligently and retain whatever you learn. Stay motivated and confident.

How to Prepare for GATE 2024? Watch the Video Now.

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GATE General Aptitude Preparation Tips

The GATE general Aptitude paper is common for all subjects. It is divided into 2 sections. They are –
  • Numerical Ability
  • Verbal Ability
You must follow the below-given preparation tips to perform better in the examination.

GATE Engineering Mathematics Prep Tips

  • When preparing for the differential equations you must focus on Bernoulli’s equation and Euler’s differential equations
  • You must prepare well for the linear algebra topics
  • The most important topics in engineering mathematics are Eigenvalue and Matrix Algebra
  • You must go through your formula book regularly to memorise the formulas and numerical methods
  • Probability and statistics are one of the most scoring topics in engineering mathematics
  • It is also advisable to thoroughly understand the Poisson Law and Bayes Theorem as they are important

GATE Last – Minute Preparation Tips

The final preparation tips for the GATE examination are provided below.

  • Revision

After you have completed 70% of your syllabus you must start revising the topics covered earlier. It is advisable to make notes and go through them regularly while still preparing the rest of the syllabus.

  • Mock test

After the syllabus is complete and you have started with your revision you must start taking online mock tests. Take as many as you can before appearing for the examination. It will not only help you realise your shortcomings but also improve your speed and accuracy.

  • Do note making

You must do note-making from the time you start preparing for the examination. Take notes of important topics, formulas, and others, and keep revising them regularly. This will help you retain and score better.

  • Practice numerical problems

The NAT-based questions do not have any negative marking. Prepare well and try and attempt all the questions that you can. In order to score better.

  • Do not underestimate yourself

While preparing for the examination. You must also take care of your mental and physical well-being. Eat well and healthy. Take time for sleep and rest as it will help you maintain your concentration level and focus. To do this, you must make a well-planned schedule.

  • Prepare for the test in advance

You must keep all the documents that will be required on the examination day ready well in advance.

Be very particular when answering the question paper. Certain sections of the question paper have negative markings. You must answer the questions only if you are certain and do not rely on guesswork.

GATE Preparation Tips for Numerical Ability Section 

  • The Numerical Ability section is a scoring section and should be attempted carefully
  • All the fundamental topics and concepts should be covered diligently
  • Practice solving problems as this will help you in time-saving
  • Make a formula copy and go through it every day in order to retain and apply it when needed
  • Be consistent when practicing problem-solving
  • Take mock tests online and solve previous years’ question papers and sample papers to realise your shortcomings and plus points

GATE Preparation Tips for Verbal Ability 

  • In order to do well in the verbal ability section, you must improve your vocabulary
  • Start working on your verbal skills
  • Start conversing in English
  • Read English newspapers and magazines
  • Also listen to English news
  • Make your English grammar strong by learning tenses, active and passive voices, adjectives, and more
  • Follow the questions carefully and understand them well before answering.

GATE Preparation Tricks

Examinations are not simply about a study schedule, but also a daily schedule for the aspirant to follow to stay healthy and focused. While preparing for the GATE examination, you must follow a set routine of – eating, sleeping, studying, recreational activities, and others. There should be discipline in your food and sleep habits as this will enhance your concentration and keep you healthy and focused.
  • Manage time

Utilise your time sensibly between all the daily activities so that you do not repent later.
  • Preparation

As soon as you decide that you wish to appear for the GATE examination, you must start with your preparation. This will give you substantial time to prepare, revise and perform well in the exam.
  • Eat well and healthy

You must keep track of what you eat as following a healthy diet will boost your memory and increase your energy.
  • Clarify your doubts

Clarify your doubts as they come, and keep revising them. Not clarifying the doubts immediately will be of major disadvantage to you as delaying it will make it difficult for you to understand the subtopics.
  • Use flashcards

Using flashcards makes revision easier. Everything is at your fingertips and you can keep revising it.
  • Revision

Find time every day to revise the difficult topics to help you retain and apply them when needed. You must revise regularly and also resort to self-examination by checking the level of your preparation and performance.

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GATE Syllabus

The GATE 2024 syllabus is given below:
  • General Aptitude 2024

The syllabus for the General Aptitude test is mentioned below.
Verbal Aptitude Basic English grammar:
  • Tenses
  • Articles
  • Adjectives
  • Prepositions
  • Conjunctions
  • verb – noun agreement
  • other parts of speech
Basic vocabulary:
  • words
  • idioms
  • phrases
in context with reading and comprehension Narrative sequencing
Quantitative Aptitude Data interpretation:
  • data graphs (bar graphs, pie charts, and other graphs representing the data),
  • 2 – and 3 -dimensional plots,
  • maps, and tables
Numerical computation and estimation:
  • Ratios, percentages
  • Powers
  • Exponents and logarithms permutations and combinations
  • Mensuration
  • Geometry
  • Elementary statistics
  • Probability
Analytical Aptitude Logic:
  • Deduction and induction
  • Analogy
  • Numerical relations
  • reasoning
Spatial Aptitude Transformation of shapes:
  • Translation
  • Rotation
  • Scaling
  • Mirroring
  • Assembling
  • grouping
  • Paper folding
  • Cutting
  • Patterns in 2 and 3 dimensions
The below-given table contains subject-wise links of the GATE exam syllabus.
Sl. No GATE Exam Syllabus 2024
1 Aerospace Engineering 
2 Agricultural Engineering
3 Architecture and Planning [new pattern] 
4 Biomedical Engineering
5 Biotechnology
6 Civil Engineering 
7 Life Sciences 
8 Computer Science and Information Technology
9 Chemistry 
10 Electronics and Communication Engineering
11 Electrical Engineering 
12 Environmental Science and Engineering 
13 Humanities and Social Sciences
14 Geomatics Engineering [New paper] 
15 Geology and Geophysics
16 Engineering Sciences
17 Mathematics
18 Mechanical Engineering 
19 Mining Engineering
20 Metallurgical Engineering
21 Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering [New paper] 
22 Petroleum Engineering 
23 Physics 
24 Production and Industrial Engineering 
25 Statistics 
26 Textile Engineering and Fiber Science 
The 2 new subjects that were introduced in GATE 2022 are mentioned below. They will also be part of the GATE 2024 exam.
  1. XH – Humanities and Social Sciences in Sociology/ Psychology/ Philosophy/ Linguistics/ English/ Economics
  2. ES – Environmental Science and Engineering
Also, 2 new subjects have been included in the GATE 2024 exam. They are:
  1. Geomatics Engineering or GE
  2. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering or NM

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GATE Preparation Books

The list of subject-wise preparation books is provided below:

1) GATE Books for ME (Mechanical Engineering)

The best books to prepare for GATE mechanical engineering are mentioned below:
Subject Book Name – Author
Design of Machine Element Machine Design by VB Bhandari
Engineering Mechanics Engineering Mechanics by Bhavikatti
Heat Transfer Heat & Mass Transfer by JP Hollman -RC Sachdeva
Fluid Mechanics Fluid Mechanics by RK Bansal/Modi and Seth
Industrial Engineering By OP Khanna, Buffa, and Sarin
Strength of Materials By Gere and Timoshenko/BC Punamia
Thermo – Dynamics By Cengel
Vibrations Mechanical Vibration by Grover

2) GATE Books for CE (Civil Engineering)

The names of the best books for GATE civil engineering paper are given below.
Subject Book and Author
Strength of Material B. C Punmia, U. C Jindal, R. K Bansal
Design of Steel Structure SK Duggal
Structural Analysis Theory of Structure by S. Ramamrutham & R. Narayan
RCC Design Refer to the book Reinforced Concrete Design written by Devdas Menon and S Pillai
Environment Engineering SK Garg
Fluid Mechanics -Hydraulics Written by PN Modi and SM Seth
Engineering Hydrology K Subramanya
Highway Engineering S. K. Khanna & C. E. G. Justo
Fluid Mechanics Yunus Senegal

3) GATE Books for Engineering Mathematics

The below-given table has the names of the GATE preparation books for engineering mathematics.
Books Author
Higher Engineering Maths BS Grewal
GATE Engineering Maths Arihant Publications
Advance Engineering Maths Erwin Kreyszig

4) GATE Books for EE (Electrical Engineering)

The list of electrical engineering preparation books for the GATE examination are mentioned below.
Subjects Author and Books
Electromagnetic Fields Engg Electromagnetics by WH Hayt, JA Buck
Signal and System By PS Bhimbhra By Allan S Willsky, S Hamid Nawab
Power System By CL Wadhwa By Nagrath & Kothari
Control System IJ Nagrath & M Gopal
Power Electronics By PS Bhimbhra
Analog and Digital Electronics Integrated Electronics: Analog And Digital Circuits And Systems by Christos C. Halkias, Chetan D. Parikh Jacob Millman. Digital Design by M.Morris Mano.

5) GATE Books for ECE (Electronics and Communications)

The electronics and communications preparation book for GATE examination are mentioned below:
Subjects Books and Author
Networks Fundamentals of Electrical Circuits by Charles K. Alexander, Matthew N. O. Saidiku
Signal and System Signal and System by Alan V. Oppenheim, Allan S. Willsky, S.Hamid Nawab
Digital Circuits Digital Logic and Computer Design by M.Morris Mano
Electromagnetics Principle of Electromagnetics by Matthew N. O. Saidiku
Analog Circuits Microelectronic Circuits: Theory and Applications by Kenneth C Smith
Analog and Digital Communication Principles of Communication by Herbert Taub, Goutam Saha, Donald Schilling

6) GATE Exam Books for CSE (Computer Science and Engineering)

The GATE exam books for computer science and engineering are mentioned below:
Subject Books and Author
Algorithms Introduction to Algorithms by Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, Clifford Stein
Operating System Operating System concepts by Silberschartz Galvin, Gagne
Theory of Computation An Introduction to Formal languages and Automata by Peter Linz
Databases Refer to the book named Database System Concepts written by Silberschatz, Sudarshan, and Korth
Digital Logic Digital Logic & Computer Design by M. Morris Mano

Previous Year Question Papers for GATE Preparation

GATE Question Papers 2012 to 2021

Sl. No Year-wise Papers and Answers
1 GATE Question Paper and Answer 2021
2 GATE Question Paper and Answer 2020
3 GATE Question Paper and Answer 2019
4 GATE Question Paper and Answer 2018
5 GATE Question Paper and Answer 2017
6 GATE Question Paper and Answer 2016
7 GATE Question Paper and Answer 2015
8 GATE Question Paper and Answer 2014
9 GATE Question Paper and Answer 2013
10 GATE Question Paper and Answer 2012

GATE Exam Question Papers Subject-wise

Sl. No Papers / Subjects
1 Civil Engineering
2 Electronics and Communication
3 Mechanical Engineering
4 Electrical Engineering
5 CSIT Engineering

Frequently asked questions

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When should I start preparing for GATE?

For a technical examination such as GATE, it is ideal to begin preparation in the second year of college and beyond....Read full

How many attempts are there for GATE?

Even though a score is only valid for three years after being released, there is no restriction on age or number of ...Read full

Is there an age limit for GATE?

According to the exam administration and eligibility requirements for GATE 2024, there is no age limit for students ...Read full

Can I clear the GATE examination in one year of preparation?

 Yes, it is possible if you are totally committed and determined to do so. With planning, systematic preparation, t...Read full

What is the preparation span required for the GATE examination?

 It varies from person to person as it depends on your preparation ability. One has to put time and energy to perfo...Read full

How many times can I appear for the GATE examination?

There is no fixed number of attempts for the GATE examination. You can apply as many times as you want.

For how many years is the GATE score valid?

 The GATE score is valid for 3 years from the date of its issuance.

How many hours per day should I study to clear the GATE examination?

The experts believe that 6 to 8 hours of study per day is enough to clear the GATE examination.

How do I prepare for the verbal ability section of the GATE examination?

Follow the below-mentioned tips to prepare for the verbal ability section: ...Read full

What is the recommended starting point for GATE 2024 preparation?

It is recommended to start GATE 2024 preparation by thoroughly understanding the syllabus and exam pattern to create a structured study plan.

How can I effectively manage my time while preparing for GATE 2024?

Time management is crucial for GATE 2024 preparation. Create a study schedule, allocate dedicated time for each subject, and prioritize topics base...Read full

Are there any specific books or study materials recommended for GATE 2024 preparation?

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How to Prepare for GATE Exam?

To prepare for the GATE exam, start by understanding the syllabus and exam pattern. Create a study plan, cover all subjects, use reliable textbooks...Read full