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GATE 2016 Questions with Answers

Download and practice with the help of GATE 2016 question papers and their solutions. Get them in pdf format from here.

The Graduation Aptitude Test in Engineers (GATE) is indeed an examination held in India that assesses a candidate’s complete mastery of several undergraduate engineering & scientific topics in preparation for admission toward a Master’s programme and employment in the public sector.

A candidate’s GATE score shows his or her relative degree of performance. The score is used for admission to numerous post-graduate education programmes (e.g., Genius of Engineering, Master of Tech, Master of Architecture, and Ph.D. degree) in Indian higher learning institutions, with financial help provided by the Ministry of Human Resource Development and other government entities.

IISc Gate the Graduation Intelligence Test for Engineering (GATE) is indeed an examination conducted on behalf of the Entire Coordination Council (GATE), Department of Education, Govt. Of India, by IISc and seven IITs throughout the country.

Download year-wise GATE exam questions with solutions


Question Paper and Answer Keys PDF

Mechanical Engineering Slot 1

Mechanical Engineering Slot 2

Civil Engineering Slot 1

Civil Engineering Slot 2

Electrical Engineering Slot 1

ECE Engineering Slot 1

ECE Engineering Slot 2

CSIT Engineering Slot 1

CSIT Engineering Slot 2


2016 EXAM PATTERN – In all exams and sections, there are 1 or 2 marks for multiple choice questions (MCQ).

A bad response will be deducted 1/3 mark for a 1-mark multiple-choice question. For two-mark multiple-choice questions, a bad response will be deducted 2/3 marks. For numerical response questions, there really is no negative grading.


The test is 3 hours long and is done online, according to the GATE Exam Pattern 2016. The GATE Question Paper has 65 questions separated into two sections: general aptitude & core discipline. The General Aptitude component of the GATE test is worth 15 points, while the Core Subject and associated areas are worth 85 points.


Candidates will be able to obtain an idea of the type of questions to be asked in the test by answering GATE previous year questions.

Students are also able to determine how much weight is given to themes and sections by answering past ones GATE Question Papers.

Candidates taking the GATE entrance test can develop on some other crucial traits related to the exam, such as time management, capacity to tackle hard issues, sharp eye for detail, quickness of completing questions, and much more.

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