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Solution or remedies of teaching english as an second language part 2 (in Hindi)
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Important points on solution or remedies of english as an second language.

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excellent explanation ....hope will get more.
  1. Keeping in Mind Aims of Teaching English: the teacher should always emphasize on the aims of teaching English. It will help to teach effectively. These aims are: 1.To enable the students to understand English when spoken. 2. To enable the students to speak in English. 3. To enable the students to read English. 4. To enable the students to write in English. These are the primary aims of teaching English instead of enabling the student to pass in the upper class.

  2. Make Students Think in English: -make it a very firm rule but subtly implied that there will be no other language spoken in your class other than English. Exhort them to think in English. This a mammoth task, and can be achieved only after some weeks or probably months of teaching

  3. Handling Mistakes with Care: - Mistakes will happen in the class and you have to learn how to handle them deftly. If you laugh at the students they will be too embarrassed to make any further attempts at speaking the language. If you do not laugh students will feel you are only being too kind to them and might always think they have said something wrong but you are hiding your amusement.

  4. Matching Level with Your Students: - Being a teacher you know the language and might have got accolades for it but your student cannot even frame three sentences in English properly. Only your perseverance will help them do it. Remember that your students are not native English speakers they will not be able to even ask you their doubts. Be patient with them and encourage them to express themselves.

  5. Building Communication Skills: Never teach your students always speak with them. Converse with the students about day-to-day things. Keep talking with them in wimple English. They will talk when the initial icebreakers are done with. And when they will talk, they will learn. Encourage your students to talk. As long as the students attempts to talk in English make it a point to listen.