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English Pedagogy Mcq's - IV
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  3. The objective of Direct Method is A) To increase power of Comprehension B) To increase communicative power C) To develop a command over the target language D) To develop personality

  4. For teaching grammar, the best grammar that a teacher can use is A) Traditional grammar B) Modern grammar C) Pedagogic grammar D) No grammar is needed

  5. "'Brain storming" means A) collect all kinds of ideas on a tropic B) To do some mental exercise C) To make efforts to understand something D) To give some kinds of stimulus to the brain

  6. "Interactive" listening is A) Listening and responding B) Listening for mode of tone C) Listening for word stress and emphasis D) Listening for finding out speaker's attitude

  7. Phonetics is basically associated with A) Sounds B) Sentences C) Grammar D) Of all these

  8. A teacher gives many sentences and asks her students to arrange them into a letter using appropriate connectors. The skill then is chiefly involved in this task is A) Collecting information B) Expanding notice C) Organizing D) Rewriting

  9. A teacher uses a report from a news paper to teach writing. The material used thus for teaching is referred to A) External material B) Realistic material C) Natural material D) Authentic material

  10. When student learn a language for bright employment opportunities, their motivation is A) Extrinsic B) Intrinsic C) Exotic D) Eccentric

  11. Constructive approach to language teaching experts the teacher to A) Give pre constructed knowledge to learner B) Contract his own curriculum C) Make learner prepare their own text book D) Help construct knowledge using their experience

  12. Practice of grammatical structures in a controlled manner can be done by A) Correcting wrong sentence produced by Learners B) Gap-filling grammar exercises C) Writing paragraphs and essays D) Explaining the use of particular structures

  13. Pre-reading tasks are meant for A) Evaluating the reading skill of the learners B) Giving the meaning of difficult words and phrases C) Introducing the mean idea and motivating the learners D) Explaining the grammatical items used in the reading text

  14. Speaking skill can be best developed by enabling the learners to A) Read challenging and difficult texts B) Communicate in real-life situation C) Listen to the model provided by the teacher D) Avoid all errors while speaking

  15. The most important feature of an effective language classroom is opportunity for learners to A) Relax B) Interact C) Evaluate D) Imitate

  16. The main purpose of assessment is A) To give practice in writing B) To improve the teaching-learning process C) To decide pass and fail D) To measure achievement of learners

  17. Instead of asking questions and getting answers from her learners, a teacher gives some short text and asks her learners to frame questions. Her primary objective to A) Make the learners realize the difficulties faced by teacher in preparing question papers B) Enhance the learners' analytical and critical thinking C) Train the learners and good question paper setters D) Help during examinations

  18. Correct speech habits can be developed most effectively through A) Vocabulary practice B) Quizze:s C) Dictations D) Pronunciation practice

  19. After reading a poem, a teacher involves the learners in group work. One group writes the summary of the poem, another draws a picture to depict the main theme and yet another sets the poem to music. This activity A) Caters to diverse abilities and interests B) Is aimed at preparing the learners for assessment C) Will distract the learners from the lesson D) Is a sheer waste of time

  20. Under Constructivist Approach to language learning, learners are encouraged to A) Avoid errors completely B) Practice language drills mechanically C) Learn the grammar rule by rote D) Discover the rules of grammar from examples

  21. When young learners are asked to read a text silently, they should be instructed A) To infer the meaning of new words from the context and read with comprehension B) To pay special attention o grammar item used in the passage C) To read fast even if they don't comprehend the meaning D) To stop reading whenever they encounter a difficult word or phrase

  22. The primary objective of using role play is A) To promote the reading habit B) To improve the communicative skill C) Competence D) To evaluate dialogue writing skill

  23. An effective language teacher A) Will make children learn all the answers to the questions given in the text book B) Will use the text book as well as other material and resource for teaching C) Will prepare questions papers using only the questions given in the text book D) Will rely entirely on the prescribed book

  24. The main purpose of using oral drill is A) To access the comprehension skills of learners B) To improve pronunciation and accuracy C) To enhance the speaking skills of learners D) To improve the retention capacity of learners

  25. Continuous and comprehensive Evaluation should be adopted by all schools because A) It is the latest development in the field of education B) Traditional pen-paper tests do not assess and enhance all the attributes and abilities of learners C) It frees the learners from studies and hard work D) It affords teachers opportunities to test learners frequently

  26. Which of the following is an important stage in the writing process A) Editing B) Memorization C) Calligraphy D) Comprehension

  27. We use real objects to teach young learners new words because A) It helps in teaching the correct spelling of words B) We can teach vocabulary only through objects C) Young learners are not capable of abstract thinking D) It helps learners associate words with objects they see in real life

  28. A good introduction to a text should be A) Telling the students anything that they can find out for themselves by reading the text B) A details explanation of the meaning of the text C) Blocking the students' active involvement by means of questioning D) Short and to the point

  29. An effective lesson for teaching a language begins with A) Listening the learning objective of the lesson B) Presenting the content of the lesson C) Recapitulation and motivation through fun activity D) Writing on the blackboard

  30. Some noise in the language class indicates a) Indiscipline of learners b) Incompetence of the teacher c) Constructive activities with learners engaged in language learning d) Lack of interest among the learners

  31. A play can be best taught by a) Making the students read it silently a number of times to understand the story b) Encouraging the students to stage the play after working in groups to understand the plot, characters etc. c) Asking a number of questions to test the comprehension of the students d) Conducting a test with specific questions on the story and grammars

  32. A play can be best taught by a) Making the students read it silently a number of times to understand the story b) Encouraging the students to stage the play after working in groups to understand the plot, characters etc. c) Asking a number of questions to test the comprehension of the students d) Conducting a test with specific questions on the story and grammars

  33. Essays or long writing tasks especially on a discursive issue should A) Help students development their literary skills B) Help students with grammar C) Help them to improve their hand writing D) Help them discuss the different points of view and justify them with illustrative.

  34. Gender stereotypes and bias among learners can be discouraged by a) Enabling all learners to cook and sew irrespective of gender b) Using text books which do not perpetuate such beliefs c) Creating an open and encouraging atmosphere in a mixed class d) Pressuring girls to learn cooking

  35. The spoken skill in a language teaching classroom can be developed through a) Engaging in small talk as confident aggressive learners b) Emotionally connecting with learners c) Enabling activities with a focus on conversation skill leading to communicative competence d) Group activities where learners can talk in whichever anguage they would like to

  36. Ritu often makes errors in Subject-Verb concord. The teacher can help her by a) Talking up many examples for the entire class and paying special attention to Ritu b) Explaining to her the rules of grammar c) Asking Ritu to learn the rules and scolding her d) Asking Ritu to write the rules ten times in her noteboolk

  37. How will a teacher best teach 'writing' skill to a class a) By brainstorming ideas and asking students to write in their own words b) By asking students to write neatly c) Through dictation d) By asking students to learn articles and rewrite them

  38. Mary, a young teacher, believes in personalized learning because she thinks that a) Every person must be exposed to learning b) Every learner is unique and needs to be given a change to developed to the best of their ability c) All learners must learn on their own d) Children must enjoy their learning

  39. Grammar should be taught by a) Asking students to learn rules b) Making learners do written assignments c) Giving clear explanations d) Enabling practice in context

  40. A teacher uses Big Reading Book in her language classes to a) Allow students to read at home b) Ensure books carry a lot of information c) Use these illustrated colorful books for reading together d) Use them for big students of different ages

  41. A teacher can cater to learning styles of all the children by a) Teaching every lesson thoroughly and revising the lessons b) Testing the children frequently c) Advising the children to join drawing/dance/music classes d) Employing a variety of teaching methods and modes of assessment which cater to diversity among learners

  42. Remedial teaching as part of Formative Assessment means a) Extra coaching by partners b) Teaching for gifted students c) Diagnosing and addressing gaps in learning d) Teaching beyond the textbook

  43. Listening, Speaking, Reading, writing are a) Motor skills b) Verbal skills c) Formal skills d) Language skills

  44. The aim of mechanical drills is to a) Improve the fluency of the learners b) Improve the accuracy of the learners c) Strengthen the role learning capacity of the learners d) Encourage creative use of language among the learners

  45. Teachers help learners 'construct' their knowledge in English by a) Giving extensive language drills in which learners practice language items mechanically b) Enabling them to see the relationship between their prior knowledge and the new knowledge c) Giving the learners a lot of assignments and projects that will lead to much practice d) Correcting every mistake a learner makes and giving the relevant rule of grammar as immediate feedback

  46. Learners are involved in individual activities, pair work, group work and whole-class work because these a) Enable the already ever-worked teacher to preserve her energy thereby becoming more effective b) Afford the learners opportunities to use the language in a focused manner for real-life interaction c) Provide the learners enough opportunities to relax in a language classroom d) Have the sole aim of introducing variety in a language classroom

  47. Which of the following statements is true? a) While all formative tasks are meant for improving teaching-learning, some are used for assessment too. b) Formative assessment helps us to grade students into good, average and poor. c) All formative tasks are meant for assessment d) Formative assessment, to be effective, must be conducted only after teaching a lesson.

  48. Group project helps in developing a) Competition b) Good memory in the young c) A high level of ambition to achieve d) Collaboration, critical thinking and problems solving

  49. Which of the following is an incorrect assumption in language teaching A) Learners acquire language by trying to use it in real situations B) Learner's first language plays a important role in learning C) Language teaching should have a focus in communicative activities D) Language teaching should give importance to writing rather than speech

  50. Grammer-Transilation Method Stresses on A) Accuracy B) Fluency C) Appropriatenes:s D) Listening skill