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MCQ's English Grammar (in Hindi)
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Important questions on english grammar

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  1. Which tense is used for an action just completed? (a) Simple Present (b) Simple Past (c) Present Perfect '(d) Present Continuous

  2. Candidates must attempt all the questions. What does the auxiliary 'must' suggest in the above sentence? (a) Advice (c) Obligation (b) Recommendation (d) Piediction

  3. Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option. The bullet struck him in foot. (a) an (c) her (b) the (d) a

  4. A series of unsolved murders on the island has raised fears that a psvchopathic serial killer is on the loose. (a) mentally ill and dangerous (b) anxious and worried (c) frightening (d) maniac

  5. Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option Why conform a custom when the custom is bad. (a) on (c) for (b) upon (d) to

  6. Find out the error in the following sentence. What to speak of milk (a) /even water was (b)/ not available there. (c)/No error (d)

  7. Which of the following verb forms will correctly fill in the blank in the sentence? (a) returned (c) have returned (b) return (d) will return

  8. The girl is now a student at a large university The underlined words in the above sentence form the (a) object (c) subject (b) object complement (d) subject complement

  9. is an overall economic condition of falling commodity and asset prices. (a) Deflation (c) Exhaustion (b) Inflation (d) Boom

  10. (a) see (c) seeing (b) to see (d) saw