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Solution or Remedies of teaching english as an second language part 1 (in Hindi)
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Important points on solution or remedies of teaching english as an second language.

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@ 1:09 the pronunciation is article 438 its actually article 43 B
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a year ago
is it? my bad.....
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9 months ago
thanks sir for all vidios
  1. Solutions or Remedies of Teaching English as a Second Language: Building a Rapport with Your Class: - When you enter the class for the first time it is very important that you give a welcoming smile to your students and greet them. Your assuring smile and greeting them in a familiar manner helps them bond with you instantly. When they bond with you, they will find learning the language easier. Remember a smile always welcomes people to interact with you.

  2. Place of English Should be Defined: - English offers vast opportunities to all. The policy regarding the place of English in our education system should be well defined. This should be determined keeping in view its use and vast opportunities in the field of science, technology, social sciences, philosophy, area studies, journalism, international trade and diplomacy.

  3. Building Confidence Among Students: - At the first meeting itself train your students to ask some simple English questions and give their answers, examples are What is your name?, Which country are you from?, Who is your best friend?' etc. Many teachers of English as a second language make the mistake of beginning with the alphabet. This is wrong. When you train them to ask questions on the first day itself, your students will definitely show off these questions to their folks. And their interest in the language will be built. They will come with higher hopes of learning more things the next day. The teacher should emphasize more on the language learning skills than the portion completion at the undergraduate level

  4. Improvement in Teaching Facilities: Special efforts should be made to ensure that teachers get proper teaching facilities, including space, books and teaching aids. The school and the college libraries should subscribe good journals which may enable them to know the latest developments in the field of linguistics and English language teaching.

  5. End the Socio-Psychological Problems: - Many think English as the most difficult language and many call it unnecessary to learn it. The efforts of the teacher should be in eradicating the Socio- Psychological problems of the students, by motivating them and giving them some responsibility.