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Important Writers for UPTET & Practice set 4 (in Hindi)
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Important writers and practice set

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Finding square and cube roots have never been so easy
ji sir bhut ache se smjh me ata h
sir thaku so much aap ne etna keya hmare khene pr once's agin thnx
awaj nhi arhi h is vedio m
Vivek Singh
a year ago
aapke device me kuch problm hoga pls check kreye.
thank you very much sir
  1. Most Important Writers for UPTET And English pedagogy Practice Set

  2. tes name Booxl Poenl Story The Mountain and the R.u Emerson Squinel Sy pathy Faimll Friendi Charles Mattay Shakespea re :Saso jini Naidu Uou Thee, My Country Sin Cecil Sprin Gandi and a Clleec. Ram DTinxc

  3. Boox Poem Istory Lele the Childensla Neh ol India : MaK Tuain Tom Sawyer MaTco Polo Playing the Game A Golden Boul mi Najabat Tatax Tale Plantsalbo rea the and Feel

  4. hich skill in language is considered as basic skil? (a) Reading (c) Speaking (b) Listening (d) Writing

  5. Which of the following is a place where an English teacher can teach language using modern technology? (a) Language laboratory (b) Classroom (c) Play ground (d) Home

  6. One learns best in a classroom where- (a) There is no fixed curriculum (b) The teachers gives punishment (c) Every child gets a chance to explore (d) There is a threat of examination.

  7. To which of the following audio-visual technology is related? (a) Diagnostic test (b) Instructional technology (c) Project method (d) Achievement test.

  8. Which of the following method is known as natural method? (d) Project method (b) Bilingual method (c) Translation method (d) Direct method.

  9. Which two skills go together? (a) Reading and Listening (b) Listening and Speaking (c) Speaking and Reading (d) Listening and Reading

  10. New knowledge should be linked wit!h (a) Previous class (b) Previous chapter (c) Previous knowledge (d) Previous year's textbook.

  11. Audio-visual aid facilitates (a) Only motor (b) Multy-sensory (c) Only hearing (d) Only visual

  12. Which of the following is taught by bilin gual and audilingual method? (a) Second language (b) First language (c) Third language (d) Mother-tongue.

  13. Which one is regarded as the best style of writing? (a) Irregular (b) orward (c) Vertical (d) horizontal