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Problems of teaching english as second language part 1 (in Hindi)
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Important Points on problems in English as an second language.

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Mam in last as if ex his elder brother r older brother??? Plz clarify mam
7 months ago
by rules elder brother sahi hoga.kyu ki for blood relation elder use kartay.older is used for general relation , things, animals.
older could be used for family members when there is no comparison...i.e. no 'to'...for ex...the older sister....she is elder to me...
7 months ago
txs ma'am
Meenu meena
7 months ago
Kk mam tnk u
  1. Problems of Teaching English as a Second Language Psychological Problems: - It is a widespread misunderstanding amongst students that English the most difficult of all subjects. The result and the failure candidates act as evidence to prove this fact. Hence most of the students look at this subject with a prejudiced vision and bear the fear through the year. The psychological depression results in poor performance at the end of the year.

  2. Problem of Concretizing the Abstract Idea: The teacher faces a serious problem of concretizing the abstractness of the novel, poem, passage, words etc. they face difficulty in creating live pictures. The students find it difficult to understand the abstract idea and so they are unable to comprehend the lectures given by their teachers in English. If a poem on sadness is going on in the class the teacher should teach it so effectively that the students get tears in their eyes. This type of experience is hardly found in classroom teaching at present. In fact the teacher is always in a hurry to complete the portion and feels that it is waste of time to arouse emotions and interact with the students.

  3. Mistakes in English:-Most of the mistakes are made unknowingly ie. when making a mistake becomes habitual, we keep making the same mistake even without realizing it. If we study this problem in a scientific manner by trying to know what is the actual cause behind making the mistake we would be able to avoid it.

  4. Difference in English: English is pronounced in a very different way from almost all other languages of the world. Every region of the world where English is spoken has a different accent. When you are teaching English as second language, you must bear in mind that your students will not know the difference between US English, Queen's English and the entire sundry English's of the world. This could lead to confusions.

  5. Lack of Interest: - Learning English being compelled has merely become a hurdle in passing. Students only concentrate on passing marks. They do not care for leaning the language as a tool of communication. Teacher and the taught both look at this subject as an unavoidable hurdle and try their level best to cross this hurdle any how.

  6. Lack of Motivation: - in learning a second or a foreign language, motivation is the crucial force which determines whether the learner embarks on a task at all, how much energy he devotes to it and how long he perseveres. It is known as a complex phenomenon and includes many components, such as, the individual's drive, need for achievement and success, curiosity, desire for stimulation and new experience, and so on.