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English Pedagogy Mcq's - III
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Mam if i understand all concept which you provides me . There is any need to consult books

  2. Language learning needs a) Reinforcement b) Review c) Feedback d) All the above

  3. When a person is using language to express his feelings and meanings he is employing the a) Regulatory function b) Interactional function c) Personal function d) Expressive function

  4. Grammar-Translation method does a) Not give importance to grammar b) Not encourage learning through mother-tongue c) Not encourage a student's communicative skills d) All the above

  5. In the Grammar-Translation Method little importance is given to a) Vocabulary b) Punctuation c) Spelling d) Pronunciation

  6. In Grammar-Translation Method a) The teacher is dominating b) The students are not interactive c) Extensive use of mother-tongue is advocated d) All the above

  7. Grammer-Transilation Method Stresses on A) Accuracy B) Fluency C) Appropriatenes:s D) Listening skill

  8. The objective of Direct Method is A) To increase power of Comprehension B) To increase communicative power C) To develop a command over the target language D) To develop personality

  9. Journey from Example to generalization is A) Inductive B) Deductive C) Incidental D) All of above

  10. Language accusation occurs only when A) The child is taught the rules of grammar B) The child is given a reward C) The child has exposure to the language D) The child absorbs the language without conscious attention

  11. When a child is asked to recite a poem, it can help the teacher to test A) Knowledge of literature B) Proficiency of speaking C) Acting talent D) Comprehension

  12. For teaching grammar, the best grammar that a teacher can use is A) Traditional grammar B) Modern grammar C) Pedagogic grammar D) No grammar is needed

  13. "'Brain storming" means A) collect all kinds of ideas on a tropic B) To do some mental exercise C) To make efforts to understand something D) To give some kinds of stimulus to the brain

  14. "Interactive" listening is A) Listening and responding B) Listening for mode of tone C) Listening for word stress and emphasis D) Listening for finding out speaker's attitude

  15. In the traditional method of teaching grammar a) Language fluency is to be required b) Black boards are essential c) Text book is must d) All the above