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Practice set 3 English Pedagogy (in Hindi)
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Important questions on english pedagogy

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thank you so much Sir
Mahesh Mishra
2 months ago
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thnku for imp. Questions
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Vivek Singh
a year ago
bilkul parul mere sare videos uptet ke syllabus ke according h :)
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a year ago
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Vivek Singh
a year ago
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sir plz practice set karaiye ab jyada se jyada
  1. Practice Set English Pedagogy

  2. Which of the following is taught by bilin gual and audilingual method? (a) Second language (b) First language (c) Third language (d) Mother-tongue.

  3. Chalkboard is a kind of aid? (a) Audio-visual (b) Visual (c) Projected (d) Audio.

  4. Which Indian reformist supported English education? (a) Lal Bahadur Shastri (b) Swami Vivekananda (c) Raja Ram Mohan Roy (d) Swami Dayanand.

  5. Which one is regarded as the best style of writing? (a) Irregular (b) orward (c) Vertical (d) horizontal

  6. facilitate communication between schools as wellas between students/teachers and programmes or between students/teachers and data. (a) Reference books (b) Whiteboards (c) Voice recorders (d) Computers

  7. When students work in. pairs or groups, they just ) end up chatting in their own language. This can be overcome/ monitored by (a) giving an easy task, so that they may chat less (b) writing notes on the board, so that they will not use Ll (c) increasing the difficulty level of task (d) instructions for the task and objectives to be made clear first

  8. To develop language functions,teaching of speaking skills for younger children would include (a) greeting, informal,requests, asking for personal information (b) telephonic chat (c) debates and declamations (d) short project presentations

  9. While writing, a student finds difficulty in expressin;g his/her views clearly due to lack of vocabulary. A possible solution would be the following (a)Motivate the student to read more storybooks and the teacher should take informal feedback about new words encountered (b) Change the topic to suit the student's ability (c) Give a list of words with meanings to learn and use (d) Conduct special classes to practice writing with periodic word dictations and drills

  10. Problems of spelling errors of the students can be easily solved through (a) dictionary (b) dictation (c) teaching aids (d) text books

  11. Decoding stands for (a) deciphering the sounds in words and (b) only recognising the difference between (c) failure to understand the given text sentences sounds (d) passing on a message to others

  12. Teaching grammar is useful to improve (a) numeracy (b accuracy (c) fluency (d) literacy