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Practice set 7 ( in Hindi)
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Pedagogical questions

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  1. When young learners seem to lose interest in a lesson, the teacher should (June 2011) (a) tell a story or conduct an interesting activity (b) ask them to sit quietly for some time c) allow them to go out and play (d) ask them to sleep for a while

  2. A foreign/non-mother tongue language teacher often faces the problem of a class full of reluctant, unmotivated leamers. This can be helped by (Feb. 2014) (a) using methods and strategies to motivate and make leaming more challenging in the class. (b) talking the help of an academic counselor who will address the class. (c) identifying the students who are 'unmotivated' and taking a special class for them. (d) encouraging learners to take their own time to complete assignments.

  3. Which of the following is an instance of non-formal learming? (a) children learning to cook from their parents (b) children learning a new game from friends (c) Children learning through correspondence lessons (d) Children learning to draw from their art teacher (June 2011)

  4. 'Language is one of the most important and characteristics forms of human behavior.' It is the statement of (a) Gleason (c) Mahatma Gandhi (UPTET, Feb. 2014) (b) (d) Maclver and Page Dr. R.K. Agarwal (BTET20I 24

  5. English in India is a language used (a) for wider communication (b) for prestige symbol (c) for accessing to quality literature (d) All of the above ( -2011) Encouraging the students to love the world and to imagine a peaceful future and caring for the student and encouraging the student to care for others is .. education. (July-2013) (a) distance (c) values (b) academic (d) vocational

  6. Which one of the folowing is not a language component?(BTET-20II) (a) vocabulary (c) sound According to the Constitution of India, EngishBTET-2011) (a) offcial language (c) window language (b) sructure (d) script (b) linklanguage (d) associate-official language