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Audio visual aids (in Hindi)
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Complete knowledge about audio visual aids and its importance

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  2. Classification of A/V Aids Audio-visual Aids Audio Aids Visual Aids 1. Radio 2. Tape-recorder 3. Gramophone 4. Linguaphone 5. Audio C. D. 6. Language 1. Char 2. Picture 3. Models 4. Flannel-board 5. Text-book 6. Flash-card 7. Slide Projector 8. Transparency 9. Maps 10.Black/ White 1. LCD Projector 2. Film Projector 3. TV 4. Computer 5. VCD Player 6. Virtual Classroom 7. Multi-media Laboratory Boards

  3. NEED/IMPORTANCE/PURPOSE Improve and make teaching effective Enable the audience to look, listen and learn Make learning interesting and profitable Quicken the phase of learning Economize teachers effort Foster/develop the knowledge Add variety and newness to the lesson, provide vicarious experience Overcome possible hurdles during the act of teaching Bring expected behavioral changes among the learner Stimulate curiosity Provide concrete experience or direct contact with reality or serves as source of infection and life likeness in teaching learning

  4. Basis for more effective perceptual and conceptual learning The student acquires clear, accurate & vivid image during the learning Increase and sustain attention and concentration Increase meaningfulness of abstract concepts by stimulating correct thinking. Provide an opportunities for situational type of learning field Direct, dramatize the experience Stimulate thinking and motivate action Save time and energy,