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(Hindi) Complete Knowledge of English Pedagogy


132 ratings

27 reviews

Vivek Singh

This course covers entire syllabus of English Language pedagogy


33 lessons • 3 h 45 m
What is Language? (in Hindi)

7m 01s

Characteristics of Language (in Hindi)

6m 13s

Stages & Strategies of learning (in Hindi)

7m 33s

Methods of teaching grammar (in Hindi)

6m 30s

Challenges of Teaching (in Hindi)

8m 29s

Characteristics of good Text Book (in Hindi)

8m 15s

Principles of Language Teaching (in Hindi)

8m 22s

Learning & Acquisition (in Hindi)

8m 09s

Functions and Importance of English Textbook (in Hindi)

12m 04s

Audio visual aids (in Hindi)

10m 53s

Overview (in Hindi)

2m 07s

Qualities of a Good Teacher (in Hindi)

13m 03s

Problems of teaching english as second language part 1 (in Hindi)

11m 04s

Problems of teaching english as second language part 2 (in Hindi)

10m 12s

Solution or Remedies of teaching english as an second language part 1 (in Hindi)

8m 07s

Solution or remedies of teaching english as an second language part 2 (in Hindi)

9m 04s

Practice set 1 english pedagogy (in Hindi)

7m 33s

Practice set 2 english pedagogy (in Hindi)

8m 15s

Important Writers for UPTET & Practice set 4 (in Hindi)

7m 35s

Practice set 3 English Pedagogy (in Hindi)

13m 10s

MCQ's English Grammar (in Hindi)

11m 26s

English passage (in Hindi)

12m 24s

MCQ's English grammar 1(in Hindi)

8m 44s

Practice set 5 (in Hindi)

6m 30s

Practice set 6 (in Hindi)

8m 12s

Practice set 7 ( in Hindi)

6m 25s

English Pedagogy Mcq's - I

9m 20s

English Pedagogy Mcq's - II

8m 24s

English Pedagogy Mcq's - III

6m 19s

English Pedagogy Mcq's - IV

8m 12s

English Pedagogy Mcq's - V

8m 05s

English Pedagogy Mcq's - VI

10m 20s

English Pedagogy Mcq's - VII

8m 30s



27 reviews

rajeev kumar

reviewed on Oct 25, 2018

Sir English ko pakka kara do bas please and up tgt English subject literature ke lie bhi jaroor videos dejie please upcoming

Pawankumar Kohli

reviewed on Oct 8, 2018

big opportunity for every person of uptet and it is very easy to learn and complete the question

Op Kushwaha

reviewed on Oct 25, 2018

Good information provide by u..... It's help me to grooming myself in Grammer.

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