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Practice set 6 (in Hindi)
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Important questions of english pedagogy

Unacademy user
Mam.... Is this enough for prelims ???? Kindly reply for my comment.... Because just through this all videos i started my NCERT preparation... So that i am asking.. is this enough or not !!!! And your teaching method is very nice and thanks mam....
Saumya G
2 years ago
Of course it's not enough! This course is just to prevent your time from being wasted on going through all NCERT textbooks. if you dont have time to read/revise any textbooks, you can watch these videos instead.
  1. Correct speech habits can be developed most effectively through (a) Vocabulary practice (b) Quizzes (c) Dictations (d) Pronunciation practice

  2. A teacher of Cass V is planning to teach grammar. Which one of the following might be a good strategy for teaching grammar? (a) Give the practice of grammar in context as a (b) Asking students to carefully note down the (c) Giving clear explanations of the rules with (d) Asking students to do drill work only to learn strategy rules from the blackboard example rules

  3. The students make mistakes while playing a grammer game. The teacher should (a) call aside the student incharge in the group and instruct him/her to guide the student (b) quietly note down the mistakes and hold a remedial class for the 'erring ' student:s them with the class after the activity guidance (c) quietly note down the mistakes and discuss (d) call aside the erring student and offer some

  4. Ans : (b) On mistakes being made by the students in the grammar gave, the teacher should quietly nole down the mistakes and hold a remedial class for the ering' students. Hence option (b) is corrct

  5. A good teacher is one who (a) gives them ample opportunities to learn (b) gives them useful information (c) explains concepts and principles (d) gives printed notes to students

  6. Reading for comprehension can be best achieved through: (a) Teaching leamers to run a finger or pencil under the line being read (b) Asking the children to read the text aloud (c) Helping leamers speak words softly while reading (d) Leamers reading silently and asking comprehension questions

  7. Maximum participation of student's during teaching in a language class room is possible through? (a) lecture method (b) translation method (c) inductive method (d) discussion and demonstration methods

  8. discussion and demonstration methods-arf

  9. Mrs. Sinha asks prediction questions as she reads aloud a story to her class III students. She does this to (a) improve students vocabulary (b) make the story interesting. (c) focus on comprehension. (d) help students remember important details in the story

  10. Among the four language skills, which pair constitutes the reinforcement skills? (a) Speaking and listening (b) Reading and listening (c) Speaking and writing (d) Reading and speaking

  11. Ans : (c) Speaking and writing among the four langage sil, oer two lstening & reading) constitutes the reinforcement skills Hence option (c)

  12. Ans : (c) Personal response questions promote thnking skll in children. Hence option (c

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