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Practice set 1 english pedagogy (in Hindi)
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Important questions on english pedagogy

Unacademy user
Sir what is littoral states?
Gaurav Kumar
2 years ago
The littoral zone/state is the part of a sea, lake or river that is close to the shore.
thanks sir
Shubham jain
2 years ago
opposite of landlocked
thanks for answer
place which has its coast adjacent to water body during a LOW tide as well.. here low tide is important to call it a littoral state
place which has its coast adjacent to water body during a LOW tide as well.. here low tide is important to call it a littoral state
Sankalp Mehar
2 years ago
Hi , Can anyone please tell where to find there question so that i can attempt them first myself? Urgent.
Nitesh Aggarwal
2 years ago
Sankalp use the hindu, pib, yojana, livemint etc.
sir ap online class me kyu ni aa rhe
Vivek Singh
7 months ago
Kl live join kariyega 👍
Sakshisingh Singh
7 months ago
ok sir
good English language patran
good collection sir
  1. The English word Language' is derived from the Latin word- (A) InguaB Lingua CLinga (D) Linagu

  2. The Latin word 'Lingua' means (A) Legs (C) Eyes (B) Tongue (D) Head

  3. Which of the following statements is correct? (A) English is taught as a second language in India (B) English is a foreign language for Indiarns (C) English has become a global language (D) All of these

  4. Language is a means of (A) Communication (B) Social Control (C) Both 'A' and'B' (D) None of these

  5. Pictures are helpful in heightening leaming (A) Interest (B) Quality (C) Material (D) Skill

  6. Who said, "English is our major window on the modern world?" (A) Pandit Nehru (B) Gandhi.Ji (C) Abrahim Linkon (D) Vivekanand

  7. The listening is the function of- (A) Audio sense (B) Visual sense (C) Lingual sense (D) None of these

  8. The advantage of text-books are (A) Storage of past knowledge (B) Motivation for students (C) Definite basis for assignment (D) All of these

  9. Which is the feature of good hand-writing? (A) Speed (B) Legibility (C) Distinctiveness (D) All of these

  10. Grammar is the content of English (A) Literature (B) Language (C) Both (A) and (B) (D) None of these

  11. Communication is called (A) Transport of feelings and ideas to others (B) To absorb feelings and ideas (C) Exchange of feelings and ideas (D) None of these

  12. A method of teaching involves the- (A) Maxims of teaching (B) Techniques of teaching (C) Both (A) and (B) (D) None of these

  13. Aim of language is (A) Speech (B) Communication (C) Research (D) None of these

  14. Relationship between education and language iS_ (A) Mostly education is given and taken by language (B) Language is learnt through education (C) Relationship of language and education is unclear (D) There is no relationship between educa- tion and language

  15. Where does a child learn standard form of language? A) At home ( (B) In society (C In play D) In school

  16. Teaching of prose includes- (A)Essay (B) Story Biography D) Allof these