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MCQ's English grammar 1(in Hindi)
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English grammar

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daityari m adha shabd k sath ya lga h to ...yann sandhi hogi ... dirgh kaise hogi mam plz explain
  1. We have been living here .. six months. (a) ever c) snce (b) at 0r

  2. Ans: (d)Since is used for point of time while for hs; is used for period of time. In the present sentence six month is period of time.Hence option (d)is corect. Corect sentence- We have been living here for siv months.

  3. Which of the following is a correct expression? (a) As cheerful as a lark (b) As busy as a bat (c) As cunning as a dog (d) As happy as a donkey

  4. cheeriul as a lar k imile figure of peec

  5. Fill in the blank with suitable pronoun: My son and my daughter are very fond of (a) herself (c) themselves (b) each other (d) himself

  6. Ans. (b) : each other f My son and my daughter are very fond of each other each other

  7. Choose the correct meaning of the following phrase Beck and call (a) Came to nothing (b) Under absolute control (c) Under all conditions (d) To rebuke

  8. LSRW stands for (a) Listening, Specializing, Rote memorization and Writing (b) Learning. Speaking. Right thinking and Writing (c) Listening, Speaking. Rcading and writing (d) All of the above

  9. Fill in the blank with the most suitable article. evening. (a) a (c) an (b) the (d) None of these_

  10. Fill in the blank with the most suitable adverb from those provided Ittook us five hours to reach the airport. (a) nearly (c) enough (b) always (d) None of these

  11. Ans: (a) Pronouns are used in objective case when they areused as object of a sentence. Hence option (a) is incorrect. Pronoun I should be used as 'me' Correct sentence- They invited Jaya and me to the function to be held in the next month