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English Pedagogy Mcq's - I
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awesome course plz continue it
thanks sir very nice MCQ
Vivek Singh
3 months ago
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Vivek Singh
7 months ago
thank you 😊
  1. After reading a story on fish, if a teacher asks children to answer "Imagine you are a fish in a pond. What do you see around you"? This is an Example of A) Comprehension question B) Close type question C) Open-end question D) Multiple choice question

  2. Which of the following is suitable for making students responsible for their own learning? a) Discouraging students from making decision about how they learn best b) Using technology to chat and network c) Encouraging students to ask more and more questions d) Giving a lot of homework, project work and assignments to improve language skills of students

  3. Using a word bank and brainstorming helps to build a) Vocabulary b) Ideas c) Writing skills d) Reading comprehension

  4. Teacher should not give corporal punishment to learners because A) It makes parents very angry B) It is risky C) It create stress and fear in learner D) It is only an emotional realization for the teacher

  5. A poem can be best taught by a) Making the students recite it b) Oral language drill c) Reaction and then explanation d) Group discussion

  6. A project work does not test a) Creativity b) Memory c) Writing skill d) adaptability

  7. An essay can be best taught by a) Making the student read it loudly b) Giving an ideal reading and translation the meaning c) Oral language drill d) Explaining the main idea and allowing group discussion

  8. A language teacher following Grammar-Translation Method in classroom will give less emphasis on a) Reading proficiency b) Grammar c) Oral use d) Mother-tongue usage