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Part 23 CSAT Q13-Q14
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Graduate in Biology Completed M.Sc. in Zoology Power is gained by sharing knowledge not hoarding it.

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Vikram singh
8 months ago
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  1. UPSC CSE 2018 PRELIMS CSAT PART 5 AS EXAM Indian Administrative ServicesBY: AAKRITI

  2. Passage 6: Today, the top environmental challenge is a combination of people and their aspirations. If the aspirations are more like the frugal ones we had after the Second World War, a lot more is possible than if we view the planet as a giant shopping mall. We need to get beyond the fascination with glitter and understand that the planet works as a biological system.

  3. 13. Which of the following is the most crucial and logical inference that can be made from the above passage? (a) The Earth can meet only the basic needs of humans for food, clothing and shelter. (b) The only way to meet environmental challenge is to limit human population. (c) Reducing our consumerism is very much in our own interest. (d) Knowledge of biological systems can only help us save this planet.

  4. Answer. a

  5. Passage/ Some people believe that leadership is a quality which you have at birth or not at all. This theory is false, for the art of leadership can be acquired and can indeed be taught. This discovery is made in time of war and the results achieved can surprise even the instructors. Faced with the alternatives of going left or right, every soldier soon grasps that a prompt decision either way is better than an endless discussion. A firm choice of direction has an even chance of being right while to do nothing will be almost certainly wrong

  6. 14. The author of the passage holds the view that (a) leadership can be taught through war experience only (b) leadership can be acquired as well as taught (c) the results of training show that more people acquire leadership than are expected (d) despite rigorous instruction, very few leaders are produced

  7. Answer. b

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