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Part 39 CSAT Q51 - Q52
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Part 39 CSAT Q51 -Q54

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lower house - lok sabha. The Lokayukta is an anti-corruption ombudsman organization in the Indian states. Nomination for election of President must be supported by at least 50 electors as proposer and 50 electors as seconders. Thank you so much.
  1. UPSC CSE 2018 PRELIMS CSAT Part 39 AS EXAM Indian Administrative ServicesBY: AAKRITI

  2. 51. There are 24 equally spaced points lying on the circumference of a circle. What is the maximum number of equilateral triangles that can be drawn by taking sets of three points as the vertices? (a) 4 (b) 6 (c) 8 (d) 12

  3. 3 Becoule 3 ?4 3

  4. 52. Consider the sequence given below: 4/12/95, 1/1/96, 29/1/96, 26/2/96, ...What is the next term of the series? (a) 24/3/96 (b) 25/3/96 (c) 26/3/96 (d) 27/3/96

  5. Solution 25/3/ 96- ( 1996 luat year 5 March 1996

  6. Directions for the following 2 (two) items: Read the following information and answer the two items that follow. The plan of an office block for six officers A, EB C, D, E and F is as follows: Both B and C occupy offices to the right of the corridor (as one enters the office block) and A occupies on the left of the corridor. E and F occupy offices on opposite sides of the corridor but their offices do not face each other. The offices of C and D face each other. E does not have a corner office. Fs office is further down the corridor than A's, but on the same side

  7. Solution V) (y

  8. 53. If E sits in his office and faces the corridor, whose office is to his left? (a) A (b) B (c) C (d) D

  9. . Answer. C

  10. 54. Who is/are Fs immediate neighbour/ neighbours? (a) A only (b) A and D (c) C only (d) B and C