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Part 29 CSAT Q25-Q26
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Hi Suraj. The Indian Peninsula is larger in area (4.4 million sq.Km) than the Arabian Peninsula(3.4 million Could you please explain why is Arabian peninsula called "the largest" ? Thanks in advance.
Hardik Modi
a year ago
area of Indian peninsula instead say Deccan peninsula is 800,004 square miles. this is because whole India is not considered as peninsula but it's southern region of Deccan is considered as peninsula.
  1. UPSC CSE 2018 PRELIMS CSAT PART 11 IAS EXAM Indian Administrative ServicesBY: AAKRITI

  2. Passage 18 The practice of dieting has become an epidemic; everyone is looking out for a way to attain that perfect body. We are all different with respect to our ethnicity, genetics, family history, gender, age, physical and mental and spiritual health status, lifestyles and preferences. Thereby we also differ in what foods we tolerate or are sensitive to. So we really cannot reduce so many complexities into one diet or diet book. This explains the failure of diets across the world in curbing obesity. Unless the reasons for weight gain are well understood and addressed and unless habits are changed permanently, no diet is likely to succeed

  3. 25. What is the most logical and rational inference that can be made from the above passage? (a) Obesity has become an epidemic all over the world. (b) A lot of people are obsessed with attaining a perfect body. (c) Obesity is essentially an incurable disease. (d) There is no perfect diet or one solution for obesity.

  4. Answer. d

  5. Passage 19: . Monoculture carries great risks. A single disease or pest can wipe out swathes of the world's food production, an alarming prospect given that its growing and wealthier population will eat 70% more by 2050. The risks are magnified by the changing climate. As the planet warms and monsoon rains intensify, farmlands in Asia will flood. North America will suffer more intense droughts, and crojp diseases will spread to new latitudes.

  6. 26. Which of the following is the most logical, rational and crucial message given by the passage? (a) Preserving crop genetic diversity is an insurance against the effects of climate change. (b) Despite great risks, monoculture is the only way to ensure food security in the world. (c) More and more genetically modified crops Ghor anes af fthed,wonld from impending (d) Asia and North America will be worst sufferers from climate change and the consequent shortage of food.

  7. Answer. a

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