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Part 34 CSAT Q34 - Q35
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Part 34 Q34 - Q35

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  1. UPSC CSE 2018 PRELIMS CSAT Part - 34 AS EXAM Indian Administrative ServicesBY: AAKRITI

  2. 34. If Pen < Pencil, Pencil Book and Book> Cap, then which one of the following is always true? (a) Pen > Cap (b) Pen < Book (c) Pencil -Cap (d) Pencil > Cap

  3. Panel < B005 Bool Cap Pen < Bo

  4. Answer. b

  5. 35. A bookseller sold 'a' number of Geography textbooks at the rate of Rs. x per book, 'a +2 number of History textbooks at the rate of Rs.(x + 2) per book and'a - 2 number of Mathematics textbooks at the rate of Rs. (x - 2) per book. What is his total sale in Rs.? (a) 3x + 3a (b) 3ax + 8 (c) 9ax (d) x3a3

  6. olut ice 30 G" told proce = an .tota, trou = (a-2)(x-2) sice

  7. For total Sale G tolal pice tolal pae Moll pia Total Sabe

  8. Answer. b

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