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L8 Important Practice Illustrations of Probability ( In Hindi)
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In this lesson we have discussed some important problems of Probability.

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Ashish Bajpai
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sir science ka next lesson ka video baniye
In the problem ( ......a^2-b^2 divisible by 3) why we didn't multiplied with a factor of 2 as we aren't given that a>b because if b>a negative no's too would be factor of 3??
Ashish Bajpai
8 months ago
Time of the video please
sir ques 2 samajh mai nhi aaya that why we took 4 players will reach semi final?
Ashish Bajpai
9 months ago
In semifinals we have 4 players
oh thankyou sir now i got it .wahi tho agar 4 players will reach semi final then only 2 players will be in final na yes as it is a knockout tournament
sir injective to keval one one hota hai vo aapne bijective likh diya hai last question main
Ashish Bajpai
9 months ago
both side equal number of elements are there if it's one - one it will become onto also that's why Bijective
and sir at last slide injective is only one one not onto.
Ashish Bajpai
9 months ago
Yes Injective is one -one and Bijective is one- one onto
in probability lectures no.8 me question 3 different colour ball k liye hi sir or same colour k liye
Ashish Bajpai
a year ago
all balls are distinct , so you can consider them to be of different colours