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L30 Baye's Theorem and Illustration ( In Hindi)
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In this lesson we have discussed some important problems of Probability

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Ashish Bajpai
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sir mains me Probablity me Most important topic Kon sa hai
Ashish Bajpai
a year ago
Baye's Theorem jyada nahee poocha Gaya, baaki sabhi important Hain , conditional aur classical are very important , RD Sharma for probability is very important , even NCERT is also very important that's why I have taken these questions
  1. BAYES THEOREM Let S be the Somple space and set E,E En be 7 mutualy exclusive and exhaustive events associated cith a ran dom exHnimerA w A is ary ev Or or Em then

  2. Proo YoO En one m mutually ex clusiue and exhaustive cvents, we have

  3. ty addition theorem P (EL)

  4. An En oco im m Oe have

  5. PCA) Ec) p CA) E c

  6. 0 1 Note nedoned to as ( hypothe sis) and the robaliAHics Priori To bobilidies as they exist efore e the events E, E2, En ane asuae CEn) ae known as the

  7. No+e p(n/EQ=1' 2,3'--.7) pio babtis as the broba bilities one calld the likely hood the tei hoa consi denation Occars given each and eva proi probaHies

  8. In a bol factory machines A and Cmanafactune espectively 2.5.1. 3sl. and 4ot of the tota0 bol their oukfut S, 4 and 2 pncent ar enesbectively defective bolts . A baut i s dnacon at random from the bro du ct ut is manactured the machine

  9. lo lo o 4- 4 6 S