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L28 : Important Illustrations of Total Probability Theorem ( In Hindi)
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In this lesson we have discussed some important problems of Total Probability.

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Ashish Bajpai
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sir facing difficulty in solving whole transaction type in profit n loss from kiran book . pls try to teach more types of question in tht type too
Sir course is super, best explanation of quality question, Thank you very much sir.
Ashish Bajpai
6 months ago
sir I have a doubt in last question of houses where P(A/A2)= 7c2/8c3. why is it chosen as 7c2? please elaborate.
Ashish Bajpai
a year ago
if he has to open house then he must have correct master key also so there is no point choosing that , it has to be there so he has to choose 2 keys out of 7 wrong master keys , while denominator we will have all 8 master keys as we need to take all cases .
good but sir muje aapka number chayian
  1. todo thirds of the .Stadents in a class are bays and the rest ginls T is knoum rst class and that of a bo ctting a first class is oind the bability that a Student Chosen at random wiu et fi te Safject irst Class maks G+ a 6%y is Chosen from the Class Ea aiul ls Chosen from the Class

  2. A-the Students Aets ftrst lau manly Using the a we have f fo tal probabisity 3 3

  3. there avetao bags. The first bag con alnS black balls and the Seco d White and S black baus to batls 5-White and bag corfaims 3 are drawn a Yandom from the first ba? a d one put Indto the second bag othou moticiry eir colours. then to bals ane dna To Second beg nd te pro bability thot the bals an Ce)hite atnd black Ei too black balls are drawn from the firt 62g

  4. YO the firs+ ba Atoo balls draun rom the second bap ane Wkilc and 6lack EI) 2 8 2 2 8

  5. IS 2 Similarlye have o C 2 2 By the lattal prabability e have

  6. A E3 281:F ( 2.0 12.6 12.60

  7. oims 4 red and 3 black balls A se comd Conra m s 2 red and .black DaUs Ome Selected at random from the Selected Abag cond ba bag one ball is draom find the probability that the ball drawn to mutual A red ball can be dha C)Selecting by amd then dhatsing a red batt fram KIT) Selecting bag () and then draiy a red bali om

  8. et Elu Ez and A denole the events deined a olloas El-Selecting boy Sinc ome of tao 697s is Selected YondamTy

  9. Using the a of total proba biity, e have Ei) - 4 2 6 2-

  10. A real estate mon ha eijght master keys to mes. OMy one masten k open Sevcral me ho o ll. en amy given house these homes ane cuay tanlocked ho s the robabiJ.ity thak the neaQ estate man car ,9ct /nka a he Sc(cts th mast me at random bore leavimg fhe office

  11. A2) A2) 4 8o STo