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L25 Important Illustrations of Independent Events :Probability ( In Hindi)
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In this lesson we have discussed some important problems of Probability

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Ashish Bajpai
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Unacademy user
Good Content ! Helped a lot !
sir can you1 explain 2nd question once again I am not cert clear with the explanation
Ashish Bajpai
a year ago
simple logic if you want that all 3 black are taken out in rth draw , then it's means in last draw you should take out black ball , it means till r-1th draw , you should take 2 black and remaining will be white balls. Now in rth draw u will be left with 1 black and check how many are left for sample space in last draw, if you are not comfortable with r then take some specific example with r as some value then u will be able to understand concept.
Harsh Pathak
a year ago
sir its all right but what was done in last step of required probablity
  1. for the events A and B PCA) = P (A/B) = 4. and PCB/A,-_ then Veri Y G- hich of the olloing Statement ane correct 2 Ca) A and B an mutaaly exclausive PC8

  2. A and b ane independevot So (6) option is carred teo debendent events cammotbe mutuoly As A and B ane Independent A( and B a e exclusive (a) is mcorY Yec imdebemdent

  3. 3 4- So CC) option is coYre de ende 4 As Aand B ane indebendend A'and ane 1-pCo/A) [ .Bone independent] d) is coYYect

  4. balli. black kalls wiel come to an enol at, the .duouo. 0 the balls tha to end 2 blcick ball& muat at, t e..rth zip to 2 213 013

  5. end. with black and (w+3) whit balv the (n-1) th olrauo na -Lhe black bsce, the

  6. -9 5

  7. A 1e man is firma a a d radd istamce amd hence has o hittiry .find the Turnbe frounds.he must fire im ordn to have more than So 1, Chance f hitting st least once 29 e have 9 0

  8. the given eqution grzuakion 2 or 2

  9. marked 23 in red am green 1s tossed Le Abe the event The mumber is evand B be the event , " the nambe sTed Are A and B mdependend? hen a die is thrown the Sample space (s) is : the number ever 2,4%,

  10. pCA )--3-1 2 PCB)--3-1 2,2 -