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L32 Important Illustrations of Baye's Theorem ( In Hindi)
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In this lesson we have discussed some important problems of Baye's Theorem.

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  1. O Suhose a ginl threas a die She r hrows a dic She osses a coi 3 tmes amd notes the She gets a 23 r 4 bumben of heads She to sses a head or tail is O6taimed cxactly one head.What is the Pro babili the threw a ,23 o t the die a cam mce andmotes Whethe1 She 06ta1med -ain aets S or on throw of a die 2 a die

  2. R- the gint gets exacty onc head Wher) E( has occurred the 9WR tosses a co m thyee times and the Sample space for this YeC exbnimenti thas sample space Contaims 8 eually likety outcomes ou of akich exact(y one head Occurs 3 times

  3. = @le.)=P( e's theorem ideas 8 CEA) a 32

  4. 3

  5. Im an entrance test there anc mult choice questions. the are our Possi ble amsocrs to each questiom o Which one s Correct the Probability that a -S ta dent knous the amscen to a question is a he gets the correct amswen uetiom the find te o bability thot he al

  6. p (A) [o 4-

  7. Im a test an examiec cithcr quesses copres or kT0 the answe to a multi ble choic question foun Chaices. the probobisity that e makes a and the Probability ttof he copies 3 15 CoYYec given thatecopied t is H nd the babi (ity tha he kneQ the at SA to the ' ven that he co rectly a suer ed EI) 3 6

  8. since EiLEEs ane mat exhawtive events exelu sive ad 3 6 El h 2-then the cxamim ee ucsseice there are foan choices oot of kich only onc is corre thenefore as already occurred COre

  9. the probability thast he ansuns correcty given thod he hau made a quess is It is given that P(PEand PCA EJ Probability that he an sons correct(y given that he knea the am swer

  10. By Baye s theorem, we have Reined probl(5>/a) 2 24 3 62

  11. 3 8 2 2.4