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L23 Understand Independent , Pair Wise and Mutually Independent Event ( In Hindi)
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In this lesson we have discussed some important concepts of Independent , Pair wise Independent and Mutually Independent Events.

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  1. INDEPENDEN T EVENTS Events are sai d + .be mdebenden does mo+ ect the probatility of the Other th e as sociated cith a ran dom enboiment then

  2. p (A) = A amd B ae ndeenderdt events a ssoci ated aith a random exherimerd then An13) the o bability of Simulta neous occurreCC of too ndependeneventss guas to the brodud of their probabili tics

  3. Am ane idependent vets associate d oih a rondom exberiment ther PA P(A) - p (An) PAIRWISE INDEPENDENT EVENTS Let AiA2.- A be events associadcd to a am dom expru ment these events one Said to be pair wise idebendendt

  4. o Y

  5. Note events, then the total mumber of condifians for their pairwise independence is Pc2_ where as for their mutual imde pendences there must be 2 3

  6. o mutuculi inlependentthe C ile nmben tham t ha prout thaiv Seperte pi ees

  7. ALH second Toss us Head

  8. A_ Even+:C The tusc tosses had the Same sut

  9. H independen Een be inde pencent ce alse independent a- usise indepen den t but notindependent collestiom