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L18 More Practice Illustrations of Conditional Probability ( In Hindi)
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In this lesson we have discussed some important problems of Conditional Probability.

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mam how to get these notes
sir, in last problem part 2 I think p(c intersection d) will be 1/18
Ashish Bajpai
a year ago
oh typo error
  1. from ndto 11 cven find the probability that both ng 1 the sum is Out of integen from I to 11 there are onsiden the follocoimg events Both the nCAmbers chosen are odd

  2. (B) = the sum ofthe rnum bers chosen Requirced broba bilit roJbaaD P CA/B) that the to mumbers chosem ne odd ist i given that the sum or the mumbers chosen is ever

  3. the mumber of ya of getti the sum as an 2 The mambe of ways of Selecting to 6 2 6

  4. 9y Given too events A and B odds against A are as 2 :1 and those favor of AUB ane as 3:1 then fimd the range a PCa) Clearly p) P(AUR3 Now p(8)

  5. Also 4 3 12.

  6. con sig mert of 15 radio ectives the radios are taken out th e 0 es examined arcna pu .back (Jha the probability that th ement One examined is the last d ective? the ninth ome wi be the last decctive the first eight radios ex contain 3 deectives and s

  7. mondefectives amd the ninth radio cxamined is del ective the probability aTd S mon del ts im the first 8 drawing 3 dfectiv hs Pro babilo drandective from he vemainingJ-tve ond 5mondjreis 61 11 9

  8. In the nth examination the guired roba bility ls

  9. 8

  10. the pro babilities of three events PB, PCRURU)&sthen find the nona of P CBnc e hove 00-

  11. A black and a Ted die are rolled ci) find the conditional ,robability of I m obtaiming a sum greater than that the Black die resulted ia 5 di find the conditiona probability of obtaim the sum 8 iven that Ted die resulted im a mumb ss that4 onsider the follooing events

  12. -W to-to 3 1-3 AB

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