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L31 Illustrations of Baye's Theorem ( In Hindi )
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In this lesson we have discussed some important problems of Baye's Theorem

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n2 = 6.67×10^-8 aarha h mera ans.
Uday singh
3 months ago
apka sahi aya hai mera bhi wahi aya hai sir ne mistake se likh diya hai shyd....
Kazima Midhat
2 months ago
kaise aa Raha hai yeah answer ?
answer of last question is 20/53
Ashish Bajpai
6 months ago
Ok Kishore
  1. Die A has 4 red and 2 whte faces Where as die B has 2 red and 4anke faces A com is fipbed once Shows a head the game condimues then die B is to be usc d brcba( ility the hen it is die A is used i s iven that ned tursevery time in fiyst throos then find the ralae LetR be the eent that a red a ce

  2. appeans each of the firstn throws E, Die A is used hen heod ha aady fallen E2 Dre B is sed hen tail hau already fallen As pon the qiven Comdi tiam 32

  3. 3 32 ( 33 2 3 2 32

  4. for Ai D and C the chances of beimg selected a the maoge of a are nespectively hpecfive probabilitic for them to int Straf Yoduce a radial cha ng manketing the changc doc takes place nd the Probabi lity t due to the appointmendt 4 4

  5. coe want to find the probability that the nadica nats? 9 as occurred dae to the afpointment B

  6. PC 7 23 30 IS

  7. Q A cand from a pack of s cavds s from the remaimirg cards of fhe pack , +o cands ane draon and are found to be hearts. find the obbility of the miss in Card to be a hear = the missin9 card is a heart card = th< missir,9 card is a spade card E3- the missing card is a club card E4the missing card is a diamond card-and Drawing too heart cards from -the nemaming Cond

  8. (El) = 52-4 E13 I 52 pCEq): 13 = PCA E.): Probability of draciny too heart cards iven that ome heant card is missing 12 STl

  9. PREProbability of drauiny to head canda given tha one spade card is missin mSs 2 13

  10. B Bay's Theorem ce hav = Required probability, P(G/A) 262 13 C 2

  11. 4. Kite and 6 black balls The Cn urn Contains 5 CJhite andb urns is chosem at random and tco ball s ane draum from it corthout repla cement Both the ball s turn outo be black lack balls Ome of the (m+1) the Pro ba bilidy tho the (n1th ur was chosen to draw th balls s then find the valu e of m

  12. O C2 Osing Baytheorem s theorem SiT E2(A)

  13. Er-arn is Chosen is Chosem and A-to balls draw at random ae ued and black. Simce one of the anns s Chosen a nandom the' efore E has already Chosen The urn A contains 2 hit lack occurred, then an ha been

  14. and 3 red balls thenefore the p robabiity o a ned and a black bais 3 2 9

  15. 6 1 2 2 2

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