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L39 Practice Set of Binomial Distribution ( In Hindi)
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In this lesson we have discussed some important problems of Binomial Distribution

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Ashish Bajpai
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Unacademy user
Thank you for continuing the course :)
Mudit Gupta
2 years ago
You're Welcome :)
sir please post the video of log expsnsion
Ashish Bajpai
10 months ago
sir what is the meaning of "with replacement"
Ashish Bajpai
a year ago
please watch permutation & combination first , u will understand it , replacement means , putting back.what you have taken out , in that case no of favorable case does not decrease.
  1. 9/ The roba bility a man hitting a danger is How many times maut he fire s that the Probability his hitting the ang d at least I S 09- Let there be n trials e as the probability Once i trials hitting the tang d a lt I- PCo succ ess) -1

  2. According to given , l-e> 3 3 the mon t fie at ea1 4 Himes

  3. four bad cas ane mi arc dra one by ome aoith TeC find the proba bility distribatian of the mamber bad egs drawm one coith neplacemensh Since The egqs are drawn one by a ro blem the events ane independerd, thonfore t 1s of bimomial distribution total mubeo <a^s y p= robability al draaimq a bad%, then 7)

  4. X demoted the mumbe al bad cas obtained then X cam take th valaes O, 2 3 3 43 3 43 2 3 4 3

  5. 2 3 43 The negar red probability dis tributiem is 2 3 60 6 393 3 73

  6. Eigh coims are thrown simultaneously ci)Shou that the proba bilify eting a least 6 heads S 37 ) had s he rababilif etlinq ad lca 3 heads? When a corn is thrown, the roba bility getting a head p= 2 As the co thron a times, so there ane rIa|s.

  7. Thus, we hav e a binomial distribution c th p=-L 2 2 81 (2) ) Probability gettin ctting at least 6 headsPCr2 LI ) Frobabi (2.

  8. 28-8-+1) x 33 qi) Probability getting ti learl 3 heads

  9. 3 7 2.5 21 S

  10. five dice are thrown simultaneously. the dice s cosidered a saccess, findthe Pro babili at osA 3 Successes oLet X denote the numben l succe ss es in a die and el p be the Probability geting an a single thYO a die. Thcm 3-=-L and q=- =-2

  11. S dice ar throon 29 times Houw many times 6 3 Y= o, 1(2,3

  12. Sj/ On a multible choice examinalion sith three Possible anssod of Which oniy correct for each of the five Quetion, hat s Pro ba bility that a candidate csould e four or more Correct ansuCrs Jast t the babity of correct answerp So the pro ba bilit y a roTy ams en=g.=2 Here, the mamben of gue tions to be an soered

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