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L40 Important Illustrations of Binomial Distribution ( In Hindi)
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In this lesson we have discussed some important problems of Binomial Distribution

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Ashish Bajpai
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madam u repeated the previous rules in this lesson instead of explaining the use of it pls have a look at this lesson
great work sir hats of to u🎆🎆🎆
Ashish Bajpai
9 months ago
sir atmost may <= hota hai ya only!<
Ashish Bajpai
a year ago
less than equal
  1. So dice are throon 729 imes. How many times do ou expect a (east three dice to Show a 2 2 3 Y= o, 1,2,3

  2. TC 3 2 C3 3 1 3 64-X31 496 = 233

  3. Thas the freV"ency tha at least three dice Sou v sic When si die one throon 2.9. P (X 23)= 29X 2-33 7 25 233

  4. O Sabse that of pol arigt handed. hat ubpos e is the pro bability that at most 6 lo people an e wi9h4-handed A pnson a be eithen righd handed nt the people ane right handed Thnglane am de

  5. lo hendane the hrobability that most 6 eo

  6. ) Ho mony times must a man toss a fair coim So tha the robability of having ak least ome head i moTe ,s(4)74) 2

  7. g given tha chting a least one head )-> 2

  8. 2 2 the mi ni mum valu n thak sati s dies the give lnegaaluty s 4- TAus the mam Should +ass the coin 4 or more tham 4 times

  9. O./ A drunken man ta kes a Step forward with Probability O-4 and backcoards with probability o. find the probability that at the end e(cven Steps. he is ome Step auay from the Stanting This can habbem nfolo Taxo ays (l) he takes S-Steps foru, ard and 6 Ste s backward i) he takes 6 Stes forward and SStebs backward Proba bility of firstcaseCo4 C )

  10. 6 Probability second caue -co4 Co 6 J utred probability o -6 462 ( 2.4)

  11. & ) &