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L46 Understanding Poisson Distribution & its Illustrations ( In Hindi)
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In this lesson we have discussed some important problems of Poisson Distribution.

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is it really previous years Questions ?
Ashish Bajpai
9 months ago
Ashish Bajpai
a year ago
Thanks Harsh
  1. POISSON DISTRIBUTION Poisson distyibution s actuay anothe Pro bability distribation formula. As peY binomial distribution, a0c aontbe given the number trial s, ay the probabil success on a Ceytaim tra Averags iven a cer tain time inder val the averagc mamber succ es s es is called as ( Lambdap and demoted ky the sy m bol" ,

  2. The formala for Poiss on Distribation formala is ivem beloc Cx.) ! Here is the average number x is a Poisson random variable eis thebasf log aithm

  3. s on 3 Students came to attend the class today, Fimd the pro ba bility for exactly 4 Stadent Avera e rake Poi ssom dis tri bation SC ! 3 4 (2-718) -

  4. Cy A Yandom variable haA Palsson distr)but , on

  5. Asteroida aith a diameter g d (cat Collide th the can th a aat Approximately 2 pon millions yeans km What is the raba bility that a ando ml elected illo yean period, there is xacty ame co sia ani SC I

  6. e an

  7. At a telephone ngairg system the numien hams Helephore engairg sysfem clis nyan ding nelvan/ery,airy fa llo Poisson distyi bation oith an average of s Phane calls lo minate time intenvals. The o bability the ast ane bone cal darim (o-, minute time lntervals Probab ity that ther is a the most ane phane C uni r o - imte m period is

  8. PC at most I phonc call) 6

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