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L38 Practice Illustrations of Binomial Distribution ( In Hindi)
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In this lesson we have discussed some important problems of Binomial Distribution of Bernoulli Trials.

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it is not dablu (w) but omega or angular frequency
  1. A u conlains 25 balls bea mrkA' and the remainin .bear a mark B) A.ba18 ., s dra a dom from the urn its replacea ay,f7nd -the prababiltq that 6.ball save da in this cji) mot more thati 2 L8 bean B, mank di the number of baU s 1 th (A) monk and (B)

  2. iv) at leat one bale wiu bean 8' mank 2 Let X demotes the mumber of balls Wkich bean mark (A) (7) 6 dra s. -Then X is a ith parameters = 6 a"Nd P(xPra bability r bal s eanin man

  3. 6-r %, ( )" ( 3 -a) _ ci ) ci Pro ba bility that all bals bean man k 6-6 6 (li ) Regai' e d probability "-P(X2.4 )

  4. 2 20 ( ( (iv) P. bability tha.dleu tore ball are, bean (D, man k

  5. 92J A die is throcwn 6 tines * 4ettimg an odd mumben" is asuccess" What is the PTobabit I S Csuccesses i at leat S successe s (i) 5 Clii) Success Cv)To succes 2 trials. "Then is a binomial variate (sith 2

  6. 6-Y 2 Where O, l2- - .-6 6 6 Ci ci) Probabilhty ofssuceesses Using 3 2

  7. Qi) Probability af least 5-successes = pCx 25) 6 using ci . 6 64 Gii) Probability of mosA S- successes Using C 2

  8. 6 3 6" 64 Civ Pro.bability 6 3 6 64 cy) Probabili 4y al suc SUCC SS = Usimq CI

  9. Assuming that hal the popudation are comsumerA amd ass u min stgators each take ten divi dual s am of chocalatc, so tha the Chamc e individuals being a con s u m e is tha 106 invest, amd eac see Wh eth er the arc consu mens Investigators uld you expect to repood that 3 Let X demote the mumb n grou ten individuals. Then X follows bimo mi

  10. o--r

  11. five dice are thrown simultan eously. " the dice s comsidered a saccess, ndthe Probabilita at nos 3 Successes ss.. Le denoke the mamber, af successes m s throu s a die and e p be th Proba bilit y gding an a singl throw a die. 'Then

  12. Sic dice are thrown 729 imes. Hoo man do you ex ech a (east three dice to Show a timcs five or six 2 2 3 2 Y= o, 1, 2.13 6

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