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L29 More Practice Problems of Total Probability Theorem ( In Hindi)
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In this lesson we have discussed some important problems of Total Probability.

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Ashish Bajpai
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Akash Singh
8 months ago
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sir RD Sharma ke q hai na sare ab Tak
Ashish Bajpai
a year ago
correct , also practice Excercise questions of RD Sharma
  1. One bag contains 4 white and S black bals Anotken bag contains kt and 7 3lac k bals. A ba is ranferred form frst bag to the second ba and then a ba is dyawm from the scomd bail drawm is white find the brobability thod the .. A white ball con.bedna@m from the Second im too mutally exclusive ways CT) By transferrimg a Chite ball from first bag to the Second bag and then drading a ide bas rom

  2. transerring a red ball from irst bag to he Sccomd t bag amd then dhaain a Cokifc ball from it E I Ry the law of total proba blity e have 12 6 63

  3. Sy find the robability of drawing a one- Yu ee coim trom a urse C Oe of Which contoins 3 fifty paise coins and 2 one rubee Coins and other contains 3 one Yupee coi m s 2 fifty paise coims and exclasive cways: (1) Selecting com t mend 1 and then drawing a rabee com ESting compantment Tt ond then dhauing a

  4. By thelaw of total brobabili4y de have CE.) 2 -+-- 2

  5. J One bag contains four White balls and three black balls the sccond bag contains thrce white bals and vblack bau s One ball s draus n from the first bag and placed PYo baiy that a ball nowdraon from the ity Sc comd ba lack A, - When White 6alis transferred from AL- When 6lack 6all is trans erred from ba L to 1 and proceed

  6. Bag II 3 W 4 W 3 B Le Al be the evert that a G) hike bol, is frans ferred from ba-I to bas I and A be t ent that a black batl is transferred

  7. Noo rom the total probabiity theorm We got 4 x 53 '.9 G 3

  8. Bag P COTtains 5. red and 3 green amd b ball is trans ferred from ba? hP and thenaba is dhaon from hat is the probaiay thot the ba

  9. Cusim p@)= P(G) P (Ale I-+pCE2)P(Ale.) S4 3.S-

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