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L13 More Illustrations of Probability on Addition Theorem( In Hindi)
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In this lesson we have discussed some important problems of Probability based on Addition Theorem

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  1. sy The probability of an even A occaming the pro ba bilit getting success im at least one isand the Pro babiiy event B of the wo vents is What is s uccess iT both the pro babidity the evcnts CB) 43 ) 4 d) (3 29 97

  2. Given (A) p(6), e know that p CAUB) Option CIS COY ect

  3. two students Ani.d and Adarsh appeared m an examination. the probabiity that Ail i gualty the examin ation is o os and dansh wisl gually is olo the proba bility o o2 find the robability that (1) both Amil and Adar sha LU rat qualify the ai) at least one of them will not CRam y the exam

  4. Let A and B de note the events that Anil and Rdans h wit, nes ectively gulidy the exam The PCn)-o.os O OS P(N) = o.( CAn B) 0-(3

  5. ci) the event tha And and Ad an s h y the exam can b< expressed as ame guaLi ics 1-e as

  6. i) the event that at least oneg/ them u can be expressed as (( 3t both -1- P(bothqualHy) ne9 aired probability

  7. -The robatildy that a Contractor .U gct a plumbing Contact-s and an electric contract is the pro ba bisi y eting atieass that he oi get both the condractA

  8. Let event actoY CO B= the Condra ctOY gets electr/c Contact Given p(n) P(a) - AnB indicates the event that the contactor I Tm ets 6ot the cotacts

  9. To find P CAn3) we use 4- 4- (O 4- TS

  10. athin a nbers A- multipled 3-ia,69 B= R multiple {4, 8,12 4. L2, 24, 3G Qr LOO

  11. prob cubili lity getting even oime no A on esenns -t-A n poime no Ans- 1 PCAOB) = PCA) +PCB)--PCAnB)