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L45 Practice Illustrations of Mean , Variance and Binomial Distribution ( In Hindi)
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In this lesson we have discussed some important problems of Binomial Distribution

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  1. 9./ The sum and product of the mean amd variarce bimo mial dis tri bation arc 24 ad 2& ncspectel find the distriba ti n Variance = 77P'L Where L=1-P 24 2 2

  2. 12.8 576 128 (1+2) 2522-0 2 2

  3. en 2- = 2.4 2 (n = 32 Le+X be the binomial dis tribation of X .Then the robability es Variate. 32-Y. =0,1,2, 3 2

  4. OJ A die is +hroam 20 times Getiry a ambe greater than die is Hhrom 2o times Ge 1s considered a success. find the mean and variance of the mber of successes. m2 P- Probability getting a"Number greater than 4-2 2 3 3 variance 2ox-L x2_ -4-44-

  5. 93/ In a binomia dia tributom, the sum and variace is in the probabilit SuccesSs the evnt c condcted s Imes

  6. 2 Probability 2successes PC2)-5% P29 2

  7. C2j A die is tossed thrice Giettis an even namber is Considered as success. What is the variance of the bimomial distri batiom? a single P Proba bility of getting an evem mumber in thro of a die 2 ariace mPg

  8. The mea and vria of a binomias distri bution ne 4 4/3 neshectively, find PCx 21.) Let be a bimo miak variate caith parameters mard P.Then Variance 4 2 3 3

  9. Thus e havc 2 3 S-Y 6 3 20

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