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L47 Important Previous Year Question of Probability ( In Hindi)
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In this lesson we have discussed some important problems of Probability that have been asked in previous year

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hlo spr keep it up
Thank you divya for your support towards me
sir ye signal vala question samajh nhi aaya pls help me jo aapne P(E) likha hai vo kaise likha hai
Ashish Bajpai
8 months ago
Make cases , if initially it was green , it can remain green or change to red then again case , I will suggest to make tree diagram.
Varun Rathi
8 months ago
okh sir
Ashish Bajpai
a year ago
Rajeev Kumar
a year ago
sir mujhe iit jee crack karna please mujhe sahi way btao study ka
Ashish Bajpai
a year ago
Conceptually study everything like for Maths you need to finish entire material given in video lectures and need to solve books either Arihant series or Cengage Series at least twice and also attempt previous year questions , in Physics solve HC Verma completely twice and Previous Year questions. Give yourself to studies nothing else , develop thinking capability by solving problems. Need to enjoy studies and you should be focused and absolutely determined to clear JEE whatever be the situation.
Rajeev Kumar
a year ago
thanks sir
  1. roba bili and 1 nespectively is received by station A and them dransmitted to Station B The Probabiliy cach Station eccivi the Signal correcty is a Station B is rcemthe probability that the origima ina reen is 3 Ca) 7 23

  2. s giVEn E, A Ye ceives the stonal correctly P(G) 3. e Signc correct 4- ESnal received ThenE can happen in the tolleding cays e.m (Tm Original Signal Received a A Received at: B Red

  3. Gircen Grrcen G reen Gireen Red 46 80 23.

  4. PCE) PCE) 2 3 2 3

  5. OJ Let w be a complex cube Yoot anity with A fair die is thrown three tim e r3 anc the mambcrs o btaied od then the pTobability that 2olo 2 3 CO) (8 2 36

  6. mity that 3mJ'm+ 3P+2 YIl 2' Y3 Should be af the form 3m,3m+1 and 3p2 taken ay order ane the mumbes obtaimed on die, these can fakoe ay Valuc from 1 to 6 m com take values lor2 n cam take values or 1