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L48 Very Important Previous Year Illustrations Probability( In Hindi)
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In this lesson we have discussed some important problems of Probability

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sir, reaction with HCl mein Hoffman's ammonolysis Kyu nahi hogaa?
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How r u Sharad ? Where r u ? How's your studies going on ?
  1. g for a biased the probabilities for the dis nent faces o turn u 6 1 2 3 ace Probabity 3 Tis die s tossed and you ane told that eithen face or face 2 has tarned ub Then the Probabiliy that iis face 1 i s

  2. Let Eface I has tarned cap 6,-. Face 1 or 2 hai turned uf Ry the given data By conditoal bro bability

  3. , Am umbiased die sitk faces marked 2,3,, the mini mum face valueno and is rolled Four times. Outol four face valucs ob ained, the less than Rrobability that 2 and the maximum face value i smo !greater than 5; [19 937 is them 1 6 81 (d) 6s 5 1

  4. The mi face value i s Tot less than 2, a d max the narn bers 2,3 '4,S.GN j e tota. possible ome throaom of die, prob getfiry a the die is rolled four times. then all the se events face value is o rcate than s am out comes ane 2,34 and 6 getting any no 6 3 being independent the neguired prob is

  5. ( 81 6 3 o option a is correct

  6. the intcocrs m and random befueem 1 and loo then the prabability 3 that a mumber divisible by s1 ca) Cb) 4- ol) 4 9 (de know that 2

  7. Whose unit's digit 1s 7 or 9 or 3 or 1 7m as be divisible by S- anit's Place digi nesulting numben i s s oro Clearly it can nevey be s. Bed it can be 0 e consider values and m Such that the sum al anit's digts bccome O. And this can be done by Choo siT 7m

  8. 2s option each) m3, 7,1 9,9 98 2S option each) .9 + 1 Case 1: Thus m car be chosen Chosen. In 2s- ay S 2Says amd T can be

  9. Case m cam be chosen in 2s ways and n can be Choser in Says . Total mumber of selection of mi n so that 7+7 is divisible by 7) e valae af m and Also To . of total possible Selections m and nout loo-loo X100

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