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L33 Important Illustrations of Baye's Theorem ( In Hindi)
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In this lesson we have discussed some important problems of Probability

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hindi hindi hindi hindi hindi bhagvat geeta chapter 18
  1. A laboratory blood test is 99,edJective detectim a certainm disease. When i S im fas Presend Hou evere the test also yields afalse Positive ne sultfo .sl, of the healthy persontested Cthat i s a healthy Persem is tested then ith Pro ba bi lity oos the tat wilu imply e has the disease) i 0-1 Per cen, of the population actaaMa has the disease, wh a pnson has the disease given that his tes+ at is the pro ba bility that

  2. El and EL be the nes ective evenh s thad a pnsom has a discase and a poso haso disease Sme E and E2 ane events complimentary to cach othe cJe have Ick Abe the evend tha the blood tert nesult is posidive

  3. Pro bability thad a ponson has a disease given tha hiA test nesult i s ositive is ven by P (EYn)

  4. 2-2. 1 33

  5. there ane 3 baas, cach contaimi balls and 3 black bal AIse thn ane 2 .black ball s, AGAihc.bant s dnacon CJhite ball is from a bog of the fst s ach coniaiming 2 ite balls and uan dom find the probability tha this 7s belomg to firat grou and 2 bays +o second nou

  6. Ei hos atready curred then a be om the frst Aroup 1s Chesen the bag Chosem contains Ok*e balls and 3 6lack balls thoefore the Pro bability o drawing a White ball from YS ( S

  7. 3 pein) = 3 2- -45- 6 I

  8. 3 Hm Insurance Company Insured O oO Scooter drivers 4000 can dhivcs and 60oo truck drivcr.s Probability of an accidenf in velving a scoote ani o-is betey One of thensuned Pnsom meets oith an accidem ha s the Probabilit thot he s a Scoo diven? amd o.Is 6 -

  9. 6000-1 12000_ p(Eg): By Bayes nule e have A E

  10. 6 S 2

  11. ettens visible on the envelop ane TA Sice the lettens have come cithn From Calcutta or Tatamoyon. "Then"done 2

  12. 2 2 2 - =

  13. a, e ant to find pCE3IA) (GIA) = . 3 3

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