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Class 6th: Chapter 4, part 6
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Arti Chhawari is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Arti Chhawari
Story teller.Less as a teacher and more as a designer of meaningful experiences.Lets reconstruct our hi(story) together📚

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awesome course sir ur effort -????our achievement Thank You so much sir☺
Hello mam....!!! Unacademy Learning app par padhne ke liye payment karna padta hai kiya.....???
Arti Chhawari
10 months ago
No dear, u can watch these lessons free of cost but if you want to take live classes then you can subscribe UPSC CSE section by using the referral code:arti1702
Vishakha Singh
10 months ago
Ok mam ....!!! and...Thank you so much 😊😊😊😊
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  2. Class 6th Chapter 4: In the Earliest Cities

  3. Harappan Towns in Gujarat Dholavira lt was located on Khadir Beyt in the Rann of Kutch, and it had fertile land and a good supply of fresh water. lt was divided in three parts, and each part was surrounded by huge stone walls and had large open areas for public ceremonies. Large letters of Harappan scripts written using white stone were found in Harappan wood carvings, seals eto. Rehman Dheri (Helmarnid) Harappa Ropar Banawali Kallbangan Chaidgar-Hakra R. Rakhigarhl Mitathal Ganweriwala Lothal It was located on the bank of a tributary of the Sabarmati river in Gujarat. lt was an important centre where many different things were made out of stone, shells, and metals (easily available local raw materials). Kull Cuture Jodhpur Mohenjo-Daro Thar Desert Cuture Ghazi Shah, Kot Diji .Chanhu-Daro Ahar-Banas Cuture Sutkagen-Dor BalakotAmri Allahdino Dhol vira Rann of Kutch . Surkotada Cultur Buildings such as a storehouse containing many seals and their impressions, and also a bead-making workshop were found in Lothal. Lothal untasi

  4. Presented by: .Arti Chhawari .Verified Educator; Star Educator .Educator of the Month in creative Innovation category History expert Story teller .Less as a teacher and more as a designer of meaningful experiences Lets reconstruct Hi(story) together unacademy CLEVER INVENTION AWARD ARTI CHHAWARI