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Class 6: Chapter 2, part 2
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Arti Chhawari
Story teller.Less as a teacher and more as a designer of meaningful experiences.Lets reconstruct our hi(story) together📚

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sexual selection ko v to ye hypothesis dikhata 2015 dec ka wala me agar option D nhi diya hota to "mate selection by female" ye hota kya ans?
Jyoti Kumari
5 months ago
Any case should follow evolutionary arm race with coevolution relationship, to be the example of RQH
highly informative and well explained
Your way to explain is very good! so thank u mam
very useful thanks mam
thank U ma'am🙏🏼
mam yeh kaise pta factory sites hai..ya fir habitation cum factory sites
  1. Complete Analysis of NCERTs on History Class 6th to gth

  2. Class 6th Chapter 2: On the Trail of the Earliest People

  3. Choosing a place to leave Most of them lived near sources of water such as rivers, lakes, etc. They mostly settled in places where a lot of stones were available to make tools. Such sites are known as factory sites. We know those places were factory sites, because we found many extra stones and chips there that people threw away when t were making their tools. .If people lived in a factory site for a long time, we call that place a habitation-cum- factory site. Burza Some important Archacological Sites Mehrga Chira Koldihwa Daojali Hading BIRM BETKA) Mahagara Kolkata* amm f Bengal eolithic Sites ithic Site alithic Sibes y Village rn Cities

  4. Making stone tools The earliest technique is called stone-on-stone, where a large stone was used as a hammer to hit a smaller stone called the core. The core was the stone that was used to create the tool. And it was flaked till it had the shape of the tool. The second technique is called pressure flaking, in which the core is placed on a firm surface. Then, a piece of bone or stone tied to a wooden handle is used to flake the core and make the tool.

  5. Presented by: .Arti Chhawari .Verified Educator; Star Educator .Educator of the Month in creative Innovation category History expert Story teller .Less as a teacher and more as a designer of meaningful experiences Lets reconstruct Hi(story) together unacademy CLEVER INVENTION AWARD ARTI CHHAWARI