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9th july 2018 mains questions
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The lesson has topics like simultaneous elections , urban biodiversity, doctrine of necessity and probity in governance, globalization, etc Please do rate review and recommend the course if you like it.

P L Bhargavi
A speck of universe, trying to save her instincts and intuitions from the robotic chores. scored 150 in geography optional II

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ty mam . mam apke feed me message kyu nhi bez skte any problem.??
Aartee Mishra
a year ago
that's not available now
Anand Sharma
a year ago
why mam??
why Federal arrangement would be distrubed , during common election?
P L Bhargavi
a year ago
the federal system we have evolved is an outcome of our democratic ideals. if simultaneous elections are held, the possibility of local parties winning becomes very low.
i got it mam, tq. whatever u are teaching, i am usually making proper note.
the question of burden and overburden, how it is disadvantage on indian democracy?
P L Bhargavi
a year ago
overburdened election process might give way to loopholes or corruption in the election process which is the very basis of a democracy

  2. ABOUT ME e Biotechnology graduate e Worked as assistant proffessor Cleared ssc for women flying officer but could not join on medical grounds Upsc aspirant, written mains 2017 Learning enthusiast, interested in sanskrit and indian culture Have a YouTube channel on Sanskrit rhymes for kids You can follow me on http://unacademy/user/bhargavivardhan

  3. GS2 CRITICALLY ANALYSE THE IMPACT OF SIMULTANEOUS ELECTIONS ON INDIAN DEMOCRACY * Ensure consistency continuity and governance which are integral to democracy e It will strengthen democracy in one way It can curb corruption in governance and administration The questions of burden or overburdening of parties and electoral machinery It can be detrimental for parliamentary system and a federal arrangement * Penglising states and the local Leaders The The question of power of Legislature

  4. GS3 DISCUSS THE STATUS OF URBAN BIODIVERSITY IN INDIA. WHAT ARE THE CHALLENGES IT FACES? . The increasing domination of nature by humans or the psychological separation of humans from nature is the root cause of biosphere degradation that we are experiencing today. The human-nature dualism, largely originated in the industrialized countries has become wider in the globe and has delivered many negative effects. Growing materialism among the human beings drives them into the cities, adding pressure to urban life and ecosystem.

  5. EVERY NATIONS ECONOMY IS ONLY A GLASS HALF FULL. DISCUSS. The good side of globalization is all about the efficiencies and opportunities open markets create Many politicians demonize globalization as a force that takes away domestic jobs, while economists are quick to extoll the universal benefits of globalization. These conflicting viewpoints have created a maelstrom of opinions and policies across developed countries that range from extreme protectionism through trade barriers to complete openness what if we forget for a moment about borders and measure inequality among individuals

  6. O IN WHAT WAYS CAN TRANSACTION TRACKING HELP INDIA WIN OVER THE MANACE OF CORRUPTION. In a move aimed at widening the crackdown on black money and following the money trail flowing in and out of thousands of shell companies, the Centre is planning to set up an information technology (IT)-based mechanism to keep a tab on all non- cash, financial transactions in the country. Currently, the idea is to make the RBI the sole repository of such information, which will not be made available to other agencies such as the income tax department and the enforcement directorate as a default. Such agencies may be required to make specific requests to the central bank if they want information on a particular set of entities.

  7. there had been a significant spurt in the operations of shell firms that typically have no assets or active businesses.

  8. EXOTIC FLORA IS ATTRACTING FARMERS AND MARKETS ALIKE, BUT DO THEY HAVE ANY ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS . Threat to local biodiversity e Invasive species can impact the whole ecosystem Impact on health of the local fauna and human populations unknown Ecosystem imbalance is induced by these invasive species or the change in local Varieties Impacts on pollinating insects unknown . But the bottom line of natural evolution and the naturalization

  9. OTHER IMPACTS e Monopoly of few Fewer markets and competition Accessibility of markets to f armersp

  10. WHAT ARE THE NATIONAL INFORMATION SECURITY POLICY AND GUIDELINES. HOW WILL THEY IMPACT THE SECURITY OF KEY DATA? National Information Security policy and guidelines developed by Ministry of Home Affairs will help protect classified information possessed by Ministries and departments These guidelines highlight baseline information security policy concepts and best practices which Ministries and departments should implement to protect their classified information * These practices will help establish minimum security processes and controls across government departments Guidance to organisations to prioritise and focus attention and efforts in classification of Information and securing such classified information