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22nd June 2018 mains questions
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The lesson has topics like conflict and food insecurity, Global trade war and India US relations Please do rate review and recommend the course if you like it

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1 more conflict issues : On solar panels companies should use indegenous material was India's stand and USA challenged it in WTO and won. In cooperation we can add : USA and India are strategic partners to check growing China as well via QUAD formation and dialouge partners now as well by 2+2.
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  1. 22nd June 2018 mains questions based on the Hindu

  2. UN report on rise in prevalence of undernourishment in the world At least 18 countries have food scarcity due to conflict according to the same report Conflict is a key driver of situations of severe food crisis and recently re-emerged famines, while hunger and undernutrition are significantly worse where conflicts are prolonged and institutional capacities weak. Conflict is now one of the main drivers of food insecurity at a global scale. Discuss. Addressing food insecurity and malnutrition in conflict- affected situation conflict-sensitive approach that aligns actions for immediate humanitarian assistance, long-term development and sustaining peace. s cannot be "business as usual". It requires a This report sends a clear warning signal that the ambition of a world without hunger and malnutrition by 2030 will be challenging achieving it will require renewed efforts through new ways of working.

  3. .India's position is that it can impose these tariffs but wants to discuss the contentious issues first What role do you see India playing in theso called ongoing Global trade war? If the tariff war escalates into a full-scale global trade war, it would have a collateral damage for the Indian economy as well, with the country's exports taking a hit, current account deficit facing pressure and the GDP taking a setback . The global trade war is hotting up as major economies continue to impose tariffs on each other. India is the latest to join the tit-for-tat battle by slapping tariffs as high as 50% on a list of 30 goods imported from the US

  4. For long, global financial markets largely ignored risks of an all-out trade war among major economies, but things are changing quickly

  5. .The conflict in terms of purely capitalistic and Discuss the issues revolving around India US relations. What are the drivers of cooperation and conflict.? democratic socialistic natures of united states and India respectively . Issues 1. Cooperation in multiple fields 2. The aspects of Indian diaspora and the visa issues under recent US agencies The issue of import taxes on various commodities including Harley Davidson bikes, and the stents for heart surgeries 3. 4. The issue of steel and aluminium tariffs in US 5. The issues with export subsidy of India and compliance with WTO norms

  6. Drivers of cooperation Drivers of conflict The cooperation in defence, space, The export subsidies and import science and technology, medica duties research The steel and aluminium tariffs Cooperation in most fields, especially education and development Diaspora Visa issues Pakistan, obor, stand on membership of security council Aid from US