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26th June 2018 mains questions
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The lesson has topics like the rate of savings in the Indian economy, the India Seychelles relations, development tool concerns of disadvantaged group and North Eastern India as a distinct and it for development and planning. Please do rate review and recommend the course if you like it

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Most of the paper analysis seem to be discontinued.... Hope this wont be the same story!
P L Bhargavi
a year ago
no. I hope to continue atleast till mains. good luck sivan.
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  1. 26th June 2018 mains questions based on the Hindu

  2. The slow down in savings in the last decade How has the rate of savings impacted the Indian economy. comment upon the recent development. Very low interest rates in fixed deposits led to low rate of savings Another important cause of low savings can be diversification of investment like mutual funds etc According to the economic survey the slowdown in investment is more detrimental for the economy then the slowdown of savings Slow down and deposits especially in fixed in the banks along with the npa problem can be bad for the health of the banks

  3. there has been a slowdown in the savings and investment rate, both remain above the levels that prevailed throughout the 1990s. Analysis of the longer-term trends suggests that the boom of the 2000s, where there was a 9 percentage point pick-up in domestic saving and investment rates, was exceptional.

  4. Bring out the geopolitical significance of bilateral relations between India and Seychelles Assumption Island as a foothold of India in the Western Indian Ocean Countering the string of pearls of China Dollar hundred million line of credit given to specialist for military hardware Hydrographical studies in Maritime region The Indian diaspora in the archipelago is celebrating 250 years of there arrival

  5. Development is about expanding the capabilities of the disadvantaged and their by improving their overall quality of life. Discuss in Indian perspective. .The multiple dimensions of disadvantaged groups 1. Type of disadvantage 2. The extent or the level of disadvantage The kind of disadvantage, Economic, social, political etc In the Indian context the disadvantaged groups include scheduled castes scheduled tribes backward classes women and minorities

  6. Unequal economic social and political development has been a norm in most of the successful Democratic Nations like India According to a report by oxfam international one percent of rich people had 82% of wealth of the world Need for equality of opportunity The Trickle down theory doesn't seem to be really working

  7. . There is a divergence among States regarding development There is divergence in development among cities and villages that is rural and urban regions The developmental concern of the disadvantaged group has not been addressed by available means It is the need for a change in policy towards the so called disadvantaged group

  8. Disproportionate burden of natural disasters What makes Northeast India a distinct entity for development and planning.? Geographical isolation in terms of inaccessible Terrain as well as the presence of Bangladesh in between The disaster vulnerability index of this region is highest in India Highest forest cover and largest carbon sink at National level Striking a balance between those who need and those who perform DISCUSS .

  9. The planning for North Eastern region must take into account the unique factors it has in terms of The following 1. Geographical features 2. happiness 3. The backwardness of the region 4. Prone to natural disasters 5. Lack of awareness 6. connectivity