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29th July 2018 mains questions
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The lesson has topics like e NAM, naturalization of exotic species, man animal conflict, ethics of genetic engineering. Please do rate review and recommend the course if you like it

P L Bhargavi
A speck of universe, trying to save her instincts and intuitions from the robotic chores. scored 150 in geography optional II

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it's of very great help.mam if possible include Indian express news or editorials also in d same video which is not covered in the Hindu.
P L Bhargavi
a year ago
I will include it from tomorrow
P L Bhargavi
a year ago
1st August
mam very helpful ..effort..

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  3. Presented by Bhargavi Vardharn

  4. NATURALISATION OF EXOTIC SPECIES HAS MANY DIFFERENT IMPACTS ON THE LOCAL ECOSYSTEM. DISCUSS No ecosystem can survive for very long without new species and contact with the other ecosystems. - The diversity of some ecosystems can make it self sufficient but the evolution process requires more diversity. natural eyes do species reproduce naturally in the environment stay colonize invasive species do this so prolifically that they alter the working of the natural ecosystems they colonize or invade Best example of such is lantana camara which replaces undergrowth and prevents native under shrubs and plants from surviving.

  5. THE MAN ANIMAL CONFLICT HAS INCREASED IN RECENT TIMES DESPITE OF THE CONSERVATION EFFORTS. DO YOU THINK PRESENT CONSERVATION EFFORTS ARE SUSTAINABLE.? The rising population of man along with the animals is the cause of concern Unlike humans animals require a fixed territory to thrive, without which they are there invade the adjoining areas or their population goes down Due to the means of protection man has the animals hardly can dictate this process And this is the reason why the animals always seem to be on the losing side.

  6. " Can we actually do something to address this issue: 1. Planned and sustainable conservation efforts based on long-term 2. Outcome based conservation effort and success based on numbers 3. The quality of forest has gone down even according to the recent 4. Making the urban and more developed regions nature friendly would 5. But this should be done along with robust preventive measures in Research and studies is required animals would hardly help conserve the ecosystem as a whole survey 2017 not only be good for human health but also reduce the conflict case of conflict

  7. DISCUSS THE ETHICS BEHIND GENE EDITING AND GENETIC ENGINEERING IN HUMAN BEINGS Is genetic engineering in human beings ethical? Most of the ethical discussions related to genome editing center around human germline editing "This is because changes made in the germline would be passed down to future generations "The debate about genome editing is not a new one but has regained attention following the discovery that CRISPR has the potential to make such editing more accurate and even "easy" in comparison to older technologies.

  8. Justice and equality As with many new technologies, there is concern that genome editing will only be accessible to the wealthy and will increase existing disparities in access to health care and other interventions. Some worry that taken to its extreme, germline editing could create classes of individuals defined by the quality of their engineered genome.

  9. PRIOR INFORMED CONSENT Some people worry that it is impossible to obtain informed consent for germline therapy because the patients affected by the edits are the embryo and future generations. The counterargument is that parents already make many decisions that affect their future children, including similarly complicated decisions such as PGD with IVF. Researchers and bioethicists also worry about the possibility of obtaining truly informed consent from prospective parents as long as the risks of germline therapy are unknown.

  10. THE CHAOS IN SPOT AGRICULTURAL MARKET BECAUSE OF LACK OF BASIC INFRASTRUCTURE AND RESTRICTIVE APMC ACT NEEDS TO BE RESOLVED. DISCUSS the commodity derivatives exchange has been functioning for last 14 years still India is yet to develop a national platform for spot commodity transactions - even after the e NAM was introduced no state has so far implemented the recommendations in full spirit A key Challenge to online inter and intra State trade in agricultural commodities is the absence of Assurance on the quality of commodity A third party validation can help

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