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25th June 2018 mains questions
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The lesson has topics like psychological impact of violence in Jammu and Kashmir, nutritional security, caste in census and the Western concept of responsibility to protect. Please do rate review and recommend the course if you like it

P L Bhargavi
A speck of universe, trying to save her instincts and intuitions from the robotic chores. scored 150 in geography optional II

Unacademy user
Hello sir.. Currently I am working as a software engineer in MNC. I am going on a leave of 5 months from 1st march. Is the duration sufficient to crack CGL 2017 ? Please guide. P.S. - I have joined Paramount gurgaon 3 months back.
Shashwat Awasthi
3 years ago
IMO 5 months should be more than enough to crack the paper as the course is not that vast like that of UPSC (provided you are clear with the basics).
Anjani Mehrotra
3 years ago
Thanks !!
for the Kashmir issue we can Quote : Atal Bihari G that Kashmir issue can be solved by insaniyat, jamuriyat and kashmiriyat
this is very nice materials for beginner upsc students
Thank u mam ....... waiting for next one..
mam plz discuss in hindi
  1. 25th June 2018 mains questions based on the Hindu Presented by Bhargavi Vardhan

  2. Nutritional security is more desirable than food security for the sustainable development of the nation Discuss suggest ways to achieve nutritional security Development of a diverse agricultural activity based on nutritional needs Reduction in investment in the health sector and related ecological impact Nutritional security leads to An equal society in terms of health and wellbeing can improve the overall Wellbeing of the country More productive human resource

  3. Ways to achieve nutritional security Awareness is the key Availability of nutritious food at reasonable prices Awareness through education in childrern Increasing the diversity of crop mix of the country

  4. Does India still require caste data in census. Discuss the consequences and its significance. Caste census can be called as colonial legacy to arn extent Social economic caste census and the mostly unusable results

  5. Opposing view Can create a Schism in the society as it did in the colonial past Need for caste census The identification of the caste can help in rationalisingthe schemes and policies associated with it Continuation of the caste based discrimination Rationalisation of reservation policy

  6. Military and political action apart dealing with the psychological aspects of affected communities is critical for Jammu and Kashmi. DISCUSS. Operation Sadbhavana, also referred to as Operation Goodwill has been launched in Jammu and Kashmir by the Indian Army under their Military Civic Action programmes, which are aimed at "Winning the Hearts and Minds" (WHAM) of the people in the region Sadbhavna literally means'harmony', therefore the operation can also be interpreted as Operation Harmony. The catchphrase of the operation is "Jawan aur Awam, Aman Hai Muqaam" (peace is the destination for both the people and the soldier)

  7. Psychology Knowing the people Open minded conversations Political and military Judging the people Violence

  8. The humanitarian intervention based on the "responsibility to protect" has rather subverted the international order instead of strengthening It. Discuss.. The western response in every conflict prone zone. , the intervention and local governments Options of consensus and unnecessary violence No practical solution offer from either side